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The Canonizations

April 26th, 2014, Promulgated by Hopefull

April 27, 2014 is being called the 4 Pope Day:  our current Pope Francis, his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (who has confirmed his attendance) and two prior popes about to be canonized: Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII.  It is certainly a unique event in the history of the Papacy.  Father Barron has issued 3 short videos, with more to come.  EWTN is providing coverage too.  For some it will be a disappointment that the scheduled events are so early that most Americans will still be asleep, although there should be no lack of re-runs.   Here is the schedule:

Sunday, April 27 (Divine Mercy Sunday)

  • 3:30am EDT (9:30am Rome) – Canonization pre-show (obsolete links removed)
  • 4:00am EDT (10:00am Rome) – Canonization coverage (obsolete links removed)

I personally hope for minimal mis-reporting of Pope Francis ‘making’ these two men saints, and a more accurate representation to the world that they already are saints (that God made them saints) and some encouragement to everyone to aspire to sainthood and not think that without a papal act that they (the viewers) can’t indeed become saints themselves.

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Bl. JPII: First Pope of the Catholic Resurgence

May 6th, 2011, Promulgated by Mike

Donald R. McClarey has a detailed analysis of the 26+ year-long pontificate of Blessed John Paul II online at The American Catholic.

McClarey sees eight significant areas in which His Holiness has left his mark on the Church.  Here is the first.

1.  He largely stopped the post Vatican II chaos-After Vatican II the impulse to transform the Church into an institution fully reflecting the current views of cultural elites in the West wreaked much havoc.  Paul VI, a good and holy man, drew a line in the sand with Humanae Vitae, but he lacked the stomach and the will to fight it out with those who would have transformed the Catholic Church into what the Anglican Church is now:  a dying institution, adrift from any allegiance to traditional Christianity, and fully in accord with the mores and beliefs of the secular elite of the West.  Many were rubbing their hands with glee after the death of Pope Paul, in confident assurance that a new liberal pope would complete the transformation of the Church into something akin to Unitarianism with fancy dress.  Instead they got John Paul II, a Polish fighter who had stood toe to toe with the atheist rulers of Poland and was not the least frightened or impressed by the forces that sought to neuter Christ’s Church.  The chaos and low morale of the Church could not be completely reversed in one papacy, but John Paul II began the process and made a huge amount of progress.

Read the other seven here.