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Cardinal Arinze on Liturgical Dance, Sacred Music

September 15th, 2010, Promulgated by Mike

St. Theodore Parish, inter alii, should take note …

H/T: RochChaCha

Joy of Joys, Liturgical Dance Coming to St. Theodore

September 14th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

St. Theodore in Gates is hoping to introduce liturgical dance into their liturgies. Seems fitting for a parish with lousy rock music, hand clapping, and a lack of kneeling.

Note the word “interrupt” in the passage below when referring to the liturgical dancers. It’s most likely a typo, but I got a chuckle out of that.

"The dancers wear flowing skirts and use scarves to interrupt the music"

I’m sure this little venture is going to arouse some perverts out there. And we wonder why we have a sex abuse crisis in the Church.

A Man, A Banjo, and a Story

July 20th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Alright folks. Usually we leave Mr. Grosswirth alone once one of his videos comes out, but circumstances dictate that we revisit the poor man once more this week. You’ll recall we posted about his potty-humor a couple of days ago (see here) – well, he felt the need to make a second video. And this video is so much more entertaining than the first. It involves banjo music and further claims that the Vatican is “stupid.” They accent each other so well, in my opinion.

When I showed it to my spouse, the first time through she was silent, mouth wide open. The second time, I looked up and noticed that she was laughing so hard she was crying. When you put redneck music and liberals together, the comedic result is greater than anything Lucille Ball could have imagined.

We aren’t making fun of Mr. Grosswirth – we’re just presenting his videos to a larger audience than he receives normally, and we’re doing so to make his dreams of “dialogue” come true. True charity consists of presenting people with the means to make an educated choice between two competing sides. Sorry all – I don’t have any banjo music to make a witty come-back to Ray. I guess he’ll have the final word, while we’ll have the last laugh.

Happy 73rd, Bishop Clark!

July 15th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

We’ve hit another countdown milestone, friends. Bishop Clark turns 73 today, placing him at the two-year mark for his retirement. In honor of this occasion, we have been requested to produce one of our light-hearted videos. If these videos aren’t your cup of tea, spare us all a lot of heartache, and don’t watch it. These are made in jest, and we would welcome the diocese to respond in kind – we wouldn’t be offended in the slightest.

And so, without any further ado, I present to you Bishop Clark’s Land of Pure Imagination. Happy Birthday, Bishop Clark.

Matthew Clark is Not Alone

June 29th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Often times on the blog and in personal conversation, people ask me, “Why doesn’t the Pope do something about what’s going on? Why are we being forgotten about?” I always respond the same way, but this is a new manner of explanation which, perhaps, will show you why things are the way they are.

This video is from a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna in Wolfsthal, Lower Austria. Keep in mind that this is a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. We can’t sort out our local bishops and their liturgical improprieties without first doing away with the insipidity of our higher-ranking Church leaders.

More Liturgical Dance in the Catholic Courier

June 21st, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

I am baffled at the Diocese of Rochester and the Catholic Courier’s strange obsession with the inappropriate, and heavily discouraged, “liturgical dance.” The Catholic Church has made it abundantly clear that liturgical dance does not belong in our liturgies, but our Rochester leadership continues to disgrace the Mass by sending children out there for their own entertainment.

Don’t like the truth? Too bad. Liturgical dance is entertainment. It is not prayer, nor is it worship.

Here is the article.

Some highlights from the article, emphasis and commentary added:

“Mariam Rivera, the group’s director, handed out white flags that would be part of the performance for the newly created group.” [Note: performance!]

“Most of the movements were tied to the words in the songs as arms raised and the flags waved in praise.” [“Flags waved in praise”? They are trying their hardest to make this sound the least bit liturgical. It’s not. The whole thing is no different than any other dance number like one would see at a child’s dance recital]

“It helps our children to stay interested in the Lord.” [If you’re a kid thinking about your big liturgical dance number, you’re probably not paying much attention to the Mass. Let’s pretend for a moment that it does indeed help kids stay interested.  Is it worth desacralizing the Mass and driving away members of the congregation? The “keeps kids interested” argument could then be applied to puppet Masses, clown Masses, and an assortment of other liturgical abuses]

“”It’s a cross-cultural experience,” he said. Carmen Torres, who has led a dance group at Rochester’s Immaculate Conception Church for the past 12 years, said that many Hispanics are not familiar with liturgical dance. “As a culture that really respects the holy ground of a church, dancing is more something that happens outside church,” Torres said. “It’s not looked upon as something that can be focused or looked at as something positive for prayer.”” [So this throws out any argument that could be made that liturgical dance is appropriate to the Hispanic culture]

“When she conducts workshops for churches as she did for Our Lady of the Americas, Torres tells parents to think of a priest’s movements during Mass as dance. A priest bows and raises up his arms — movements that are common for liturgical dancers, she noted.” [So now it’s imitating the actions of the priest? That’s definitely not permitted]

Shame on all those who turn the Holy Mass into a show! Post your angry comments… but you know I’m right. The Church also agrees. See Cardinal Arinze speak about liturgical dance.

Passages from “The Religious Dance”, published by the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments:

The dance has never been made an integral part of the official worhship of the Latin Church.”

Conciliar decisions have often condemned the religious dance because it conduces little to worship and because it could degenerate into disorders.”

“Here dancing is tied with love, with diversion, with profaneness, with unbridling of the senses: such dancing, in general, is not pure.

For that reason it cannot be introduced into liturgical celebrations of any kind whatever: that would be to inject into the liturgy one of the most desacralized and desacralizing elements; and so it would be equivalent to creating an atmosphere of profaneness which would easily recall to those present and to the participants in the celebration worldly places and situations.”

The traditional reserve of the seriousness of religious worship, and of the Latin worship in particular, must never be forgotten.”

Dedication of Cleansing Fire 2.0

June 9th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

At Cleansing Fire, we aim, as we always have, to provide our readers with certain outlets for their frustration, usually in the form of an occaisional video. In keeping with this tradition, we humbly submit for your perusal the following – our solemn dedication of this new blog to Bishop Matthew H. Clark, Bishop of Rochester.

If liturgical dance parodies offend you, you may wish not to click on the play button. (Please note – these videos aren’t ever meant to offend or mock. They bring an oft-needed smile to our battle-weary faces.)

Diaconate Ordination – Part V

June 9th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Let’s see how many people you can name from the opening procession at the June 5 ordination Mass. This video is kind of like a who’s who of DoR politicking. I have another video I will upload soon showing the second part of the procession.

On an unrelated note, we will be starting voting in the “Vocatus Es Contest” when we switch over to the new site.

Diaconate Ordination – Part II

June 5th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Part 2 of a many-part series on the liturgical irregularities at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

I am certain that all of you have heard that absolutely atrocious setting of the Alleluia used by the DoR to celebrate feigned-diversity. You know, “Halle, Halle, Halle . . . .Looo – ooooo – yah.” Well, I bet you’ve never seen 50 priests and a bishop clapping to it, along with hordes of deacons and lay people.

I have much to say about this, but the video can sum it all up better than I can. Be sure to watch it full -screen – I shot in HD for you. You can even see Bishop Clark clapping in rhythm. Now isn’t that just the cherry on top of the liturgy sundae?

Diaconate Ordination – Part I

June 5th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

I was graced to be able to be present for Dr. Scott Caton’s ordination this Saturday. While the Mass was certainly not as bad and riddled with abuse that it could have been (i.e. prancing gays in tights) there were certainly several moments of liturgical-disconnect. One instance that particularly stood out to me was the following clip I shot. During the preparation of the gifts, the choir sang “I Am the Lord of the Dance,” accompanied by one of the Dady Brothers (secular musicians, mind you) playing the mandolin. Now, I love the Dady Brothers. They’re great local talent. However, just because you’re an amazing artists doesn’t mean that you have the right to strum your mandolin, or guitar, or whatever in the sanctuary of God. There is a clear separation of sacred and profane that should be recognized by the planners of the liturgy. But, then again, we know what “liturgies” are permitted and endorsed by the DoR.

Anyways, the striking thing about this piece was that they’re singing about Our Lord as if he’s Garth Fagan, a dance master and glee-maker. About 50 feet above Mr. Dady and his mandolin is a life-sized crucifix, showing Our Crucified Lord. All around the church are the bloody stations depicting Our Savior’s woe. Why would such a song as this be considered appropriate for a Mass? The Mass is a celebration and memorial of Calvary, not the last season of Dancing With the Stars.

The 2010 Diocese of Rochester Chrism Mass

March 31st, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

You just knew that the Diocese of Rochester would not be able to resist defiling Sacred Heart Cathedral once again with liturgical dance. In the above image, liturgical dancer Julian Bell performs during the 2010 Chrism Mass. Reader accounts claim that not only did he “prepare the worship space” (what did he do… fluff the cushion on the episcopal throne?), but he also danced around the altar with the book of Gospels like one Thomas Warfield. When will the diocese stop corrupting our Chrism Mass with this progressive drivel? I think I know the answer to that, and it’s a little more than two years away.

The diocese did not even bother to call this show a “prayer.” Check the Courier Web site; it clearly says “performs.” At least humor us.

Forgive me, but I have to say it: It looks like this person is performing a reenactment of the Karate Kid in the middle of the Cathedral.

Click here to read a descriptive account of the Chrism Mass from one of our readers.

Albs, Marty Haugen, Liturgical Dance

March 31st, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

So much for a fresh and vital Church – from these things it looks as if it’s stuck in the 1970’s. Remember folks, the 70’s died for a reason.

So, where do all three of these things occur in a hellish concoction of error? Yup, you guessed it, Bishop Clark’s annual Chrism Mass. We have received information regarding what exactly went on there, so I will break it down into swallowable chunks for you:

  • There was liturgical dance. An African American gentlemen wearing white pants and a white shirt flitted about the church and sanctuary of Sacred Heart Cathedral, adding to this “liturgical movement” very bizarre hand gestures which our noble informants cannot decipher.
  • Bishop Clark, in his generally decent homily, started acknowledging different cultures, i.e. celebrating diversity. However, he added a new category of “culture” by saying, “Some of us are gay, some of us are straight.” This was a random, unnecessary, and inappropriate statement. You don’t need to do political pandering to gays when you’re saying Mass. He’s probably just getting excited about the next Rainbow Sash Mass.
  • Sr. MaryAnn Binsack played the role of the she-monsignor, wearing her alb which complements her hair cut so nicely. Note that she stands for the consecration, just as many other of the women who like to play dress-up at Mass.
  • For the Eucharistic Prayer, the whole Eucharistic Prayer, Bishop Clark was accompanied by piano. Our informant said it was like “Bishop Clark: the Musical.” I was able to track down the precise setting used, and guess what? It’s not chant. It’s Marty Haugen’s composition of the Eucharistic Prayer. Why do certain of the clergy insist on using this man’s music? He’s not even Catholic, but a Lutheran. I know Bach was a Lutheran, too, but he gave us the B Minor Mass – why don’t we compare the two: click here for Haugen. I won’t dirty this blog by embedding his rubbish. Below is a video containing highlights of the B Minor Mass. This is what Sacred Heart is capable of, what with that magnifictenly grotesque organ, the Eastman School of Music, etc. But no, we get someone playing the piano. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Spend millions of dollars on the music at the cathedral, but then use a piano for the highest summit of the Mass. Yeah – no flaw in logic there.
  • The only positive thing is that in the front row of the congregation was a woman with a head covering. As our informant said, maybe she will make some of the priests and deacons think twice about what they’re doing.

I will be posting more details as they come in. Watch the Bach video to restore your sanity.


Tonight’s the Night

March 30th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

If you have the misfortune of attending this year’s Chrism Mass, be sure to send us an e-mail about your experience. Were there dancers? How many? When did they perform and what did they do? Our e-mail: If one is able to take a picture or video clip, that would also be good.

Dance the Night Away

March 17th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the St. Mary of the Lake bulletin:
More of the same in this diocese.

Smack of the Crozier Goes to . . .

March 8th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen
. . . whoever plans the liturgies at Sacred Heart Cathedral.


Usually, I can rely on the best talent to perform for these Masses, such as Thomas Warfield, Nazareth College dancers, etc. However, the Cathedral Community is not trying as hard as they ought to be to bring in the best of the best, in terms of liturgical dancing. They obviously have not seen Stephen Colbert’s unrivaled talent. Watch the video below, and see the splendor of the “progressive” Church.


Another View of the 2009 Chrism Mass

January 28th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

A faithful reader sends along a previously unseen image of this past year’s Chrism Mass. If you look closely to the right of the altar, you will see Thomas Warfield, the homosexual marriage activist and Unity Church leader who pranced about the Cathedral during the liturgy. Greg, one of our Rochester seminarians who is holding the thurible to the left of the ambo, can be seen with a look of disbelief on his face.

Click on the image to enlarge

The 2010 Chrism Mass is fast approaching. What blasphemous display could be in store for us this year?

We Get Our Liturgical Dancers From the Unity Church

December 30th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

Anyone remember Thomas Warfield, the infamous Sacred Heart Cathedral Chrism Mass liturgical prancer?

A loyal reader has just sent us a link concerning this individual. Apparently the man who was called upon by our diocese to defile Rochester’s mother church during Holy Mass is not a Roman Catholic at all. In fact, Mr. Warfield is listed as a staff member of “Christ Church Unity,” a non-denominational Christian church lead by Eleanor Celentani located on Prince Street. This religion believeswe are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in mind” and “Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, not geographical locations. We make our own heaven or hell here and now by our thoughts, words and deeds.” His membership on the staff has lasted for a decade.

How did the Diocese of Rochester miss this? Do they even care? Will it happen again?

In Case You Missed the African Mass

October 19th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

The Catholic Courier captured some photographs to let you see all the fun you missed:

Still waiting for the first Latin Mass to be offered at the Cathedral…

Male liturgical dancer

October 15th, 2009, Promulgated by Choir

I lifted this from Patrick Madrid’s blog. I would go to see him just to laugh my head off, even though I was in church. It would just be too funny for words.


Liturgical Dance Defined

October 9th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

Here is the official definition of liturgical dance, as defined by the folks at St. Mary’s Church downtown. Apparently the technical term, of which I was not previously aware, is now “liturgical movement.” That sounds so much more worshipful than liturgical dance, does it not? Emphasis added.

“Liturgical Movement (or liturgical dance) fosters communication between the assembly and the liturgical action. It is a dynamic tool for awakening and stirring the subtle forces and energies of life, inviting you and the music to become one in prayer.

Liturgical ministries at St. Mary’s include Communion minister, lector, hospitality minister, usher, cross bearer, projectionist, liturgical movement, bread baker and mass coordinator.”

Apparently the leaders of St. Mary did not read the Cleansing Fire post explaining how liturgical dance is not permitted in liturgies of the Western world. So for the fortieth time, here it is. In my opinion, the three great problems plaguing the Diocese of Rochester are: lay preaching, lay pastoral administration, and liturgical dance. End these three, and watch the situation around here improve tremendously.