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By way of an introduction…

June 16th, 2010, Promulgated by Vox Clara

I have chosen to remain largely anonymous on this site. I’m sorry if you disapprove, but at this juncture I do not deem it wise for me to broadcast my presence here. I don’t aim to tell any lies about who I really am, but I also don’t aim to say much about myself either. A few of the writers here know me and I anticipate meeting some of you in the future, but otherwise my name is my own and I’d like to keep it that way.

Speaking of names, I didn’t choose Vox Clara, but it is in the spirit of the longer Vox Inter Concilia of my own choosing. Unfortunately, it was not possible to make a user name such that it included so many characters. Nevertheless, I will explain my reasoning. I chose Vox Inter Concilia because of my deep admiration for a great many voices raised between the two Vatican Councils. The likes of Adrian Fortescue, Fr. Henry Graham, Fr. Leo Rudloff, O.S.B., Gilbert Keith Chesterton, and Leo XIII spoke with a clarity concerning our Holy Catholic faith that I can scarcely claim to imitate, but which I aim to nonetheless.

To put it more concisely, I am here to expound on the truths of the Catholic faith. I may occasionally engage in discussion, but my primary aim is to present the truth as it is in clarity and charity. I apologize in advance if you’re looking for intense debates, but I don’t anticipate getting embroiled in them. I believe what Holy Mother Church teaches me and I aim to pass that on as best as I can.

Sancte Maximilian Kolbe, ora pro nobis!