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Week 15 in Catholic Media, 2014

April 13th, 2014, Promulgated by Diane Harris

It’s time to visit again the recent low lights on Catholic College Campuses.  As we’ve noted before, the Cardinal Newman Society does a fine job of keeping on top of the state of Catholic education on real and make-believe “Catholic” campuses.  Why the local ordinary hasn’t removed the name “Catholic” from some of these schools is hard to comprehend.  Here are some recent reports (yes, all the schools mentioned are Catholic):


Jesuit Criticized by Vatican for ‘Erroneous’ Theology to Give Santa Clara Commencement Speech
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith pointed out that certain propositions in Liberation theologian Father Jon Sobrino’s books are “not in conformity with the doctrine of the Church” including the divinity of Jesus Christ.  

Saint Peter’s University to Honor Mayor Who Officiated at Same-Sex Marriages
Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City will receive an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Jesuit University at its commencement ceremony next month.

crossCollege of the Holy Cross to Honor Former Obama Speechwriter at Commencement
Jon Favreau, a Catholic, compared a recent law in Kansas that protected the religious freedom of business owners to Jim Crow Laws.  On Twitter, he called the law “A tragically sad day in the history of Kansas, where the House just went Jim Crow on gay couples.” 

University of San Francisco to Honor Public Supporter of Same-Sex Marriage
John V. Roos will receive an honorary degree and deliver the commencement speech on May 17 for the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Thousands in Donations to Planned Parenthood Overseen by Aquinas College (Mich.) Graduation Speaker
Aquinas College announced that its commencement speaker will be Kate Pew Wolters, a Trustee Emerita of the college.

But beyond the usual idiocy associated with graduation speakers, there seems to be more good news than bad news in the most recent report.


francisPope Francis to Professors and Students: Theology Only Fruitful Done ‘On One’s Knees’ 
“Your Institutes are not machines for producing theologians and philosophers; they are communities in which one grows, and growth occurs in the family,” Pope Francis said to representatives from some Pontifical universities in Rome, according to Vatican Information Service.

Dioceses Revise Contracts, Expect Teachers to Uphold Catholic Teaching
Dioceses in Hawaii and Ohio have already made changes to their teacher contracts. Some expect similar changes around the country. And some are protesting.

New Online Guide Helps Parents Understand Key Issues, Concerns on Common Core
“This new Parents’ Guide to Catholic Is Our Core is in response to numerous requests from parents for assistance in looking into the Common Core as it applies to Catholic education,” said Bob Laird, the director of programs at the Newman Society.

universityThomas Aquinas College to Celebrate 60th Alumnus Ordination
Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, Calif., is asking for prayers for three alumni who will be ordained in the upcoming months.


Notre Dame Petitions Court for Rehearing in HHS Mandate Case   The petition filed by the University argues that Notre Dame seeks to provide health coverage to its employees “in a manner consistent with its Catholic beliefs.”   

Notre Dame Students Petition University to Make Clear Stand for True Definition of Marriage  The petition was created by members of the newly formed Students for Child-Oriented Policy, made up of undergraduate and graduate students at the University named after Our Lady.”  

Notre Dame Honors Congressman Chris Smith with Evangelium Vitae Medal
“In their work and in their persons, Congressman Chris and Marie Smith are extraordinary witnesses to the inalienable dignity and matchless worth of every member of the human family, born and unborn.”


ScreenShot011And in the Rest of the World, showcasing CathNewsUSA, which has been criticized here before, there were a few articles of note this past week:

CatholicNewsUSA reports that the Catholic Church is the only institution still functioning in the war torn Central African Republic.

Two Catholic priests have been ordered to withdraw as candidates in elections in India.

OMalley at the border

George Weigel criticizes Cardinal O’Malley’s “Border Mass.”   George Weigel said exactly what I was thinking, which tipped the scales in favor of this week’s CathNewsUSA coverage.

Anytime the Mass becomes a stunt, a prop, a political statement, we are on the wrong track.  The Mass is to adore God, not for our own agendae.

To quote Weigel:

“To turn the Mass into an act of essentially political theater is something I thought we had gotten over in the Church, no matter how noble the cause might be.”

Border Mass ABorder Mass B

Border Mass Communion