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Keeping Christ in Christmas: Displays of Domestic Crèche Scenes

January 7th, 2016, Promulgated by Bernie
Crèche display at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Rochester, New York.

Crèche display at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Rochester, New York.

For eleven years Sacred Heart Cathedral has displayed crèches from around the world. I believe crèches from a collection at the University of Dayton are often featured. This year’s display is running until this Sunday and is worth a last minute trip to view.

One of the display cases at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

One of the display cases at the Saint Jerome exhibit.

A display of crèches was also offered this year at Saint Jerome Church in East Rochester but I think that one has come down.

Many years ago there was a show of crèches that were family favorites of parishioners at Saint Anne Church in Rochester. An inexpensive book was produced showing each crèche with an accompanying family story about the use of its crèche. Participating parishioners sacrificed the use of their crèches that year in order to share them with other parishioners and those visiting to see the display; a nice way to keep Christ in Christmas!

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Each case in the exhibits at both Sacred Heart Cathedral and at St. Jerome’s display multiple crèches.

Local collector, John Larish, has been the motivating force behind all of these displays. If you wish to contact him, send me an email ( and I will put you in touch with him.