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You’d think…

October 21st, 2010, Promulgated by Ink

Wouldn’t you think that, if your organization was controversial and constantly under attack, you would stand up to defend it and to support it?  So WHY do Catholics constantly accuse their own Church of “embarrassments” such as the Galileo incident and the Crusades?

These things are not embarrassments.  Galileo was an annoying guy and it was more to do with his personal vendettas than with his scientific beliefs.  Copernicus (the guy who actually came up with the heliocentric model) was a Catholic priest. The Crusades were basically an extensive turf war: Jerusalem belonged to the Eastern Christians, but got invaded by the Moors.  Then the Eastern Christians called the Western Christians and asked for help.

If you call yourself Catholic, please, PLEASE read up on these stupid discussions (do NOT read the Revisionist History version) and learn the facts–the real ones.  Liberals and progressives like to pick on these because they think they know so much.  Do NOT go making fun of your own church–defend our people and stand up for the truth!

Park 51/Cordoba House/GZ mosque and the Crusades

September 1st, 2010, Promulgated by Nerina

With so much ASCII being spilled about the controversy over the proposed building of an “Islamic center” near the site of Ground Zero in NYC, a recurring theme is being used by those in the liberal media – namely, that people can’t possibly cite acts of violence done in the name of Islam without first recognizing the acts of violence done in the name of Christianity.  To cite one and not the other makes one a hypocrite.

Dennis Prager, in this article at National Review talks about this “moral equivalence” argument.  He cites three recent examples of its use occurring on PBS, ABC, and NPR.  Tavis Smiley of PBS argues with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (an ex-Muslim Somali writer particularly concerned with women’s rights under Islamic law) that Christians commit horrible acts of violence every day in America and that there is no difference between those acts and the ones perpetrated by Islamic extremists in the name of God (never mind  that these violent individuals rarely, if ever, claim they are acting under the influence of said religion).  On NPR, Michael Martin invoked the left’s favorite fanatic Timothy McVeigh asking:

Did anybody move a Christian church after Timothy McVeigh, who adhered to a cultic white supremacist cultic version of Christianity, bombed [the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City]?”(Again, let’s ignore the fact that McVeigh self-identified as an agnostic stating “Science is my religion.”)

And finally, Chris Cuomo on ABC tweeted the following message to his 1 million followers:

“To all my christian brothers and sisters, especially catholics – before u condemn muslims for violence, remember the crusades . . . . study them.”

You just knew the Crusades would be brought up!  Guess what, Mr. Cuomo, some people have actually studied them – a lot.  People like Thomas Madden and Johnathan Riley-Smith.  And despite what Mr. Cuomo may think he knows about the Crusades, he is most likely parroting the long-accepted progressive talking points.  Dennis Prager does a good job of dismantling the comparison in his brief article, but I suggest if you don’t know much about the Crusades, find out more.  It is fascinating reading and I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with the issue more in the coming days.