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87 years of celibacy

August 11th, 2010, Promulgated by Mike

Damian Thompson has published an email he recently received from Bishop John Jukes, an 87 year-old Franciscan and retired auxiliary bishop of Southwark, U.K.

Thompson writes that he was “delighted to reproduce his article, whose defence of this ancient spiritual tradition [of celibacy] is in such contrast to the sneers and incomprehension of the Church’s critics.”

It is suggested by some people that the life of a priest must be lonely. This has not been my experience. I have been blessed with an awareness of the presence in my life of Jesus Christ at my side. When in community life human relations have become a burden, when my efforts to serve the people have been rejected or ineffectual, Jesus has helped by reminding me of the rejection He had to sustain. When I have seen the good news of the Gospel spurned I have turned to Jesus. He has never deserted me. He has led me out of the sorrow of failure to remind me that He has sustained me in my celibacy. So I trust in the mercy and generosity of God, embodied in Jesus Son of God and Son of Mary, that has enabled me to live a celibate life of joy for the 87 years of my dwelling in this creation.

Full article here.