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Covid-19 Lockdown and Notes

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About Locking Down

It has been mentioned, for some time,  that the ‘lock-down’ let us revisit a series of CF posts done in 2017 and 2018 when lockdown was, seemingly, a very remote threat. It was a four part series entitled “Sheltering in Place” and mentioned a helpful approach to any lock-down and in preparing for an event of future lock-down. There have been a number of requests to re-mention that series. I responded to that request, back in March, a few days after we lost the public Mass.  Here is that 3/20 post in case anyone missed the referral:

Feel free to suggest new items for the concept of Sheltering in Place based on personal experience during this recent lock-down. Leave your comment on the Cleansing Fire link shown above in the browser.