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December 3rd, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

The mass inoculation with suboptimal vaccines is encouraging variants, subverting natural immune systems, and resulting in massive viral loads in the jabbed. 

(LifeSiteNews) — It was our hope, given what we were initially told by the COVID-19 vaccine developers Pfizer and Moderna and the CDC, NIH, and NIAID, that the vaccines and the elevated vaccine rates would end the COVID emergency. While not expressing support for the vaccines in this op-ed, given the existence of alternative public health measures and the early outpatient treatment that should have been applied instead of vaccines, I will say that if sterilizing, neutralizing antibody vaccines really had been developed in the first place, then this op-ed would not have been written.

Why? Because it is clear now that the vaccines have largely failed against the Delta variant and “boosting” when the Delta variant, and not the initial Wuhan strain, is dominant will be pointless. The vaccine is missing the Delta variant, and there is clear immune escape, whereby vaccinated persons are becoming infected in large numbers, with immunity that declines rapidly, giving only a few months of protection. Basic immunology teaches us that you can end the pandemic only if you cut the chain of transmission, and you do this with population-level herd immunity.

We became very concerned when we learned that the vaccines were sub-optimal, imperfect, and “leaky” in that they did not sterilize (neutralize) the virus, and thus they allowed for infection and transmission. We learned that the vaccines were designed only to reduce mild symptoms of COVID and were not geared to reduce death or hospitalization or serious disease. We knew, even those who were not immunologists or virologists or vaccinologists (such as myself) knew, that you never vaccinate during an epidemic or pandemic, as was done for COVID-19.

We thus began warning the global community that you must not vaccinate when there is widespread circulating pathogens. Experience told us that we must only vaccinate when there is no infectious pressure due to the pathogen on the immune response. So as the vaccinal antibodies are mounting post vaccination, there is immense immune pressure given the virus is circulating. In other words, the virus is on the battlefield as you were preparing your defenses.

We feel strongly that with these COVID vaccines, we would never ever be able to reach herd immunity as the chain of transmission could never be cut. Remember, we came to know that the vaccine could not stop infection or transmission. We will never be able to vaccinate ourselves out of this pandemic with these sub-optimal leaky vaccines, and there will never be “zero COVID” given this virus has an animal reservoir.

By inoculating with a vaccine capable only of deriving sub-optimal neutralizing antibody immunity, when applied as a mass vaccination program, the risk of viral immune escape is increased. By mass vaccination with tremendous, ongoing, infectious pressure, within the context of the immune pressure by the vaccinal antibodies on the S spike protein (which can promote more infectious variants), we gravely underestimate and discount the evolutionary capability of the virus to respond and adapt, with natural selection “selecting” out highly infectious variants capable of overcoming the sub-optimal immune pressure.

The sub-optimal immune pressure, by not sterilizing the virus and killing it, provides the more “evolutionary fit” variants with an evolutionary future they did not have, culling (selecting out) more lethal variants that would otherwise kill the host. That selection would cull forward those variants that could overcome the immune pressure and, in all likelihood, will be more highly infectious

The purpose of this brief op-ed is to warn the very same public health decision-makers who implemented this flawed vaccine program using imperfect non-sterilizing vaccines that, if they continue, they run the risk of driving the emergence of highly infectious variants as well as potentially lethal pathogenic ones.

This is a very dangerous situation, particularly so if we vaccinate our children. Children do not need these vaccines and bring a near statistical zero risk of severe outcome from COVID to the table. The vaccines offer all risk and no benefit to children. Children have the gift of innate immunity that serves them usually as their first line of immune defense, and it is very potent. Why subvert this?

We state here emphatically that it is very misguided of public health officials, the CDC, and NIH to disregard the role of the vaccinated populations in the transmission of COVID virus, both to the vaccinated and to vulnerable, unvaccinated persons.

The fully vaccinated person must be considered a source of transmission. The evidence is strong that the fully vaccinated can become infected, colonize, and transmit the virus, particularly massive loads of virus. This can lead to an unvaccinated person with a fully intact functional immune system becoming overwhelmed by such a massive viral load from the vaccinated. Disregarding the vaccinated as a source of pathogen and spread could be catastrophic. We point to the following more recently published evidence and call on decision-makers to urgently consider this data and adjust their control measures.

What is the key evidence that underpins this warning? As examples, Gazit et al.Acharya et al., Riemersma et al., Chemaitelly et al., Subramanian and KumarChau et al., Shitrit et al., Hetemaki et al.Levin et al., Rosenberg et al., Suthar et al., Nordström et al., Yahi et al., Goldberg et al., Singanayagam et al., Keehner et al., Juthani et al., Embi et al. at the CDCEyre et al., Levine-Tiefenbrun et al., Puranki et al., Saade et al., Canaday et al., Israel et al., Salvatore et al., Eyran et al.,Andeweg et al., and Di Fusco et alhave shown us that the vaccinated can become infected, can harbor the virus, and potentially transmit it.

It is very likely that the vaccinated do transmit the virus. They can harbor elevated viral loads, and thus they can potentially spread them to the vaccinated and unvaccinated. We now have consistent credible reports of no significant difference in PCR cycle count threshold values between vaccinated and unvaccinated, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta, no difference in viral loads when comparing unvaccinated individuals to those who have vaccine “breakthrough” infections, and waning efficacy (antibody responses and T cell immunity) by the 4th to 6th months as well.

Vaccinated people with COVID are showing on average much more virus in their nose than the unvaccinated who were infected. Alarmingly, secondary transmission in nosocomial outbreaks are occurring from nurses with symptomatic infections in spite of the use of personal protective equipment and masks. Also of concern is the finding in the UK data (reports 424344454647) of elevated infection in the vaccinated and depressed N antibody levels in persons who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination. This is a huge problem, and Kampf as well as Masre et al. (alternative receptors for SARS?CoV?2 viral entry into host cell) provides us further warnings.

Based on the evidence presented above, and that must include a simultaneous consideration of the adverse events and deaths reported to the CDC’s VAERS vaccine adverse reporting database, I cannot support this mass vaccination. The COVID vaccines have proven to be too ineffective and unsafe at this time to warrant support of mass vaccination.

This must be stopped and not even applied to vulnerable persons and definitely not to our children. For the latter, the costs are unacceptable, particularly because, as Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche eloquently argued, these sub-optimal, non-sterilizing vaccines would damage and subvert the potent, non-specific, innate immune system response in children that is their first line of immunological defense (that they come with) and which serves them so potently (specific high-affinity vaccinal antibodies could outcompete non-specific low-affinity innate antibodies).

This could potentially create asymptomatic super-spreaders of highly infectious variants and, most alarmingly, leave children highly vulnerable to other viruses and pathogens, having now a subverted “first line of defense” innate immune system.

To close, we are subverting fully capable and sterilizing innate immune systems (and natural adaptive/acquired immune systems) in our populations with sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccine immunity. This can have catastrophic consequences for populations and humanity. This deserves very serious consideration as we move forward. Moreover, boosting with continually waning vaccinal antibody immunity could only make things worse.

Dr. Vanden Bosche has explained that repeated boosting will continually suppress the innate immune system, and this could have devastating consequences for both adults and children. It is my opinion that a hard stop to this vaccine program is the only path forward. There should also be an equally acute pivot to the use of chemoprophylaxis antivirals as well as for treatment for those infected.


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