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I just do not believe …

November 19th, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Have you ever noticed that the closer we get to Truth, Himself, the more glaring is untruth by contrast. One wants to scratch it off, like a chicken pox or a poison ivy rash. We just can’t get comfortable with ‘it’ in the room, yet ‘it’ is too glaring to be ignored.

No, it’s not about dogma or theology; it’s about the incongruency of what we are being told to what we observe and sense from the “shepherds of our souls,” most of whom we can no longer trust.

What’s Not to Believe?

Simply put, I do not believe that there were only 8 bishops,  about 3.5%, who voted to enforce Canon 915, and that all the rest (reported variously as 222 to 228) voted to perpetrate and perpetuate the sacrilege. I find it difficult to understand how any man who comes so close to the Eucharist can become so corroded in spirit.

No Wonder the USCCB Moves Under the Shadow of Secrecy

But let’s consider whether or not “8 bishops” can possibly be all that is left of an episcopal remnant. Why was it necessary to have a secret ballot when the teaching of the Church is clear? Secrecy has a place of course in the confessional, and in some aspects of confidential pastoral care, and hopefully in electing a pope at a conclave, but not in deciding whether or not to obey Church Teaching. It perpetuates the Protestant myth that truth can be changed by a vote! It illustrates the trap of implementing the German Synodal “Way.” And a vote by over 95 % of the bishops to not obey sounds remarkably like the Satanic “I will not serve.”

In spite of the secrecy invoked over this vote “to obey or not to obey,” the secrecy is only as effective as keeping secret the identity of the 8 bishops obeying Church teaching. I would like to see the “8” come forward and let us know who they are. The laity should have a right to protect themselves from a bishop who deserts his own role as Eucharistic guardian.

Why Exposure is Important

Since release of the detail of who comprise the “8” seems unlikely to come from the conference organizers, the “8” should identify themselves. Surely Bishop Strickland is one of that group. If invited to come forward, perhaps even to Bp. Strickland, might “8” or fewer come forward? Or might 30 or 50 come forward, exposing a manipulation of the voting?

Why might such a number be manipulated? Perhaps to overwhelmingly defeat the matter, and to crush those who want to do their duty from ever re-visiting the issue? Perhaps as one more obeisance to their handlers? As another move toward making One World Religion more palatable to those who do ‘vote’ their personal version of ‘truth?’

Another good choice to verify the voting would be for a voter to admit to both Cardinal Burke and Bp. Strickland that he is one of the “8” so that the total can be verified. The secrecy needs to be pierced to have any confidence that the vote count is accurate.

Presumably the secretive voting utilized some kind of voting machine. Maybe one of those unaccounted for during the audit of the 2020 Presidential election? Well, there must be a lot of voting machine expertise among the bishops’ Democratic ‘friends,’ and it seems that secrecy is part of the problem. When a bishop has to hide his vote from his peers, something is seriously wrong.

If the number of faithful bishops is really as low as “8,” then most of the lay members of the Church cannot trust their own bishops and they might need to find a good and trustworthy bishop to follow, including reading their publications, listening to their live streaming, and avoiding those who are executing a different plan, regardless of where that bishop is located.

Cleansing Fire has been following the problems of the USCCB for many years, bringing to our readers’ attention the abuses, for example, associated with their CRS and CCHD abuses. No pastor can any longer be trusted when they cow to diocesan facilitation of those annual collections. For a full list of articles regarding the USCCB, CRS and CCHD, just use the white search bar on our home page. Meanwhile, here are a few links you might find worth exploring:

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2 Responses to “I just do not believe …”

  1. avatar Patriot23 says:

    I do not believe secrecy should be a factor when voting on matters of
    church teaching that has been in existence for 2000 years. What are they
    trying to hide and who is trying to hide it?

    Secrecy makes the vote counting questionable. Why do you need secrecy when
    voting on church teaching? It exists and it is teaching that was given by God himself.
    How many of the 222 have taken the shot and have gotten the “mark of the
    beast” and does THAT affect how they voted? What is the spiritual effect of allowing oneself to be influenced by the evil one?

    I also would like to know who the 8 were that supported the word of God. I
    would move to one of their Dioceses because it appears that only 8 of these
    men have reverence for the teachings of Jesus Christ. Eventually the “mark
    of the beast” will catch up to all who do not follow the word of God.

  2. avatar Diane Harris says:

    Thanks for weighing-in, Patriot23. I had not thought about the possibility that some of the Mark of the beast, aka jab, might already be working on the clergy and distorting their judgments. Could as many as 95% of bishops have taken the vax, for their own personal ‘credibility’ in touting the vax to their own parishioners? Maybe. If we knew who those “8” are, we would have the answer. I’m still hoping they will come forward, “for the good of souls and the honor and glory of God,” as our Catholic school nuns once taught.

    Meanwhile, here is another view of the “8” published by the National Catholic Register:

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