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Are Catholics wrong in seeking vax exemption?

November 4th, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Most of the activity in seeking “Religious Exemption” from the covid vax has centered around abortion arguments. That may have been a very serious tactical error, not because abortion isn’t a vital issue, the most  vital of issues, but rather because it is almost TOO important, TOO vital to be allowed to succeed as an issue!

Why? Because the enemies are so well lined up, funded and trained to protect the billions of dollars of funding that flows out to the abortion infrastructure. This is not the strategic time to seek exemption individually, when the Supreme Court is or will be hearing arguments on multiple LIFE issues, with the looming potential  even to challenge Roe vs Wade. Not an inch of argument can be ceded to or by the abortion lobby.

Consider the persecution of David Daleiden with 9 felony charges for exposing the egregious selling of baby parts. He is a hero who may spend decades in Federal Prison for having done the right thing. Then there is the Texas heartbeat challenge which is bound to emerge in various forms in multiple  states, red or blue. Simply stated, the anti-abortion argument as the source (usually given as the single source) of argument for Religious Exemption, is a political ‘hot potato’ which the abortion lobby can’t allow to prevail. Thus, opposition to a Religious Exemption on such a basis attracts an extreme level of resistance.

Further, the anti-abortion argument is seriously wounded by the traitors to the Faith among the bishops, and higher, who decline even to take the opportunity to catechize the world on the LIFE issues because….why? “WHY” IS the issue … why are the Church’s own leaders sabotaging the effort of ordinary Catholics to protect their own lives, and now their children’s lives as well?

The sinful failure of the hierarchy to defend the Catholic Faith abandons souls by not tending the  sheep. It is sad that so many Catholics made their worst mistake in trusting their own bishops. Think about it! If they are too weak to discipline the sacrilege of political leaders who receive the Sacred Body on Sunday and sign laws on Monday to kill the body of a just born healthy baby, why should we be surprised if those same bishops won’t stick their necks out to sign a Religious Exemption? (We do note exceptions such as Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Vigano, Bishop Schneider and Bishop Strickland who are excellent examples of risking themselves in order to witness to Catholic Teaching.

How are Catholics who seek Religious Exemption failing their own Church and themselves?  It is by treating their own resistance to the vax as a single issue that is already deeply politicized. The Church is much more than any single issue and there are many additional teachings already transgressed. What about coercing of free-will? What about the statistics now available on risks to adult lives of people who are providers for the weakest and most vulnerable? What about the very issues of violation of conscience itself causing depression and other health problems? These off-the-cuff ideas are not the answer but are a beginning — to find, in the richness of the Faith, many more issues to raise than the one least likely to succeed by being the most politically volatile.

Personally, I would choose to seek Religious Exemption on the basis of God’s order to us in Revelation NOT to accept the Mark of the Beast. Oh, but you say that we don’t know for sure if the covid vax IS the Mark of the Beast! Well, we certainly don’t know that it ISN’T the Mark of the Beast! Read, study and pray over all the text in Revelation (Apocalypse), especially Chapter 13. Use the search bar on Cleansing Fire to find the articles on the Mark of the Beast. Decide whom to serve.




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