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What else will abortuaries be used for?

September 7th, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Consider that all the covid vaccine manufacturers caution against administering the vax to pregnant women. Consider that nursing babies have died soon after their mothers received the vax. Consider that it has yet to be proven that teenagers, male and/or female, administered the covid vaccine, will ever be able to conceive healthy babies.

With such considerations, one might reasonably project that fewer pregnancies will occur, and therefore fewer abortuaries will be built. (And none of this requires a projection of successful political and moral opposition, because the ‘vaccine’ will ‘handle’ the problem, i.e. ‘vaccine as contraceptive.’)

In the Rochester, NY area there is a strong political push to build a new abortuary in the Brighton suburb, for the alleged purpose of attracting the out-of-state business, especially where state legislation (like the recent Texas heartbeat bill) is not as wildly permissive as the Cuomo legacy of death at birth. But what can one expect when the babies and the pregnancies are reduced beyond the operating margins of the bricks and mortar? Will at least some of the abortuaries be closed? Or will they be converted to a different purpose?

A different purpose? Yes. What could that possibly be? What else would fit neatly into the ‘mission statement’ of killing the newborns? How about euthanasia! Cuomo tried several times to coerce the legislators to support euthanasia, with less opposition each time. Now he lacks the power of the gov, but has more time to creatively pursue his most sinful projects, and maybe to name them after his father, since the Tappan Zee was a “bridge too far.” We’ll see.

My sad expectation is that the abortuary so much of Brighton is lobbying for in their own backyard will be catering to euthanasia in the lifetimes of their currently ardent supporters. How ironic!

But here is the true irony. Demographically, the Brighton suburb has a large and strong Jewish population. I learned first-hand of their comital to life when two tragedies rocked the community, both as a result of drunk drivers. One killed two sisters returning home to their family being rear-ended by a drunk driver of a large truck on, I think it was, Route 81. The other was of a teenage Jewish girl walking with friends on the side of the road near Utica, being struck and killed by a car driven by a drunk driver.

Because my own brother almost died from being struck head-on by a drunk driver, I became involved with formation of RAID, Rochester Against Intoxicated Driving, and in being President for about 5 years. When I had to relocate to Texas for business reasons, the members gave me a glass plate with the quote of an ancient sage:

“To save one life is as to have saved the whole world.” 

I treasured that sentiment when I received it, and still do. I knew how sincerely it was meant, not just talking about, but doing. We could always count on a strong showing from Brighton to a variety of events, including the annual motorcade for life, for victim support efforts and in court watch. We could always count on those from Brighton being life-centered.

That is why I am so personally shocked at that community’s support for an abortuary in their midst, and the culture of death which it brings. And which it would likely continue to bring in the future.

Also, it reminds me of how much the Jews suffered in concentration camps in World War II. My husband’s Company liberated Dachau at the end of the war and he sometimes spoke of those still alive as “walking skeletons.” And he spoke of how the German neighbors ‘outside the walls’ insisted they knew nothing of what was happening there, despite the smoke from the crematoria and trainloads of Jews who arrived and never left. My own visits to Auschwitz and Birkenau gave similar testimony.

It is hard for me to understand why Jewish voters in particular would want to bring such a painful reminder into their own community, and not fear what else it might become. Every such decision reminds me of the Birkenau Concentration Camp, where moving a switch sent a train full of people to forced labor, or to death. Like any decision, like a vote, for life or death.

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3 Responses to “What else will abortuaries be used for?”

  1. christian says:

    From what I had heard, the people of Brighton as a whole, did not want Planned Parenthood in Brighton; it was the Brighton Town Board that voted them in.

    I was not in attendance at the gathering at Brighton Town Hall on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021, where people came to advocate for and against Planned Parenthood and their abortion clinic moving into Brighton.
    But I personally know those who were in attendance at that meeting in front of the Brighton Town Board who were speaking out against Planned Parenthood moving into Brighton.

    From their personal account, they stated the majority of those present did not want Planned Parenthood in Brighton. They stated many of those who lived in Brighton stated they did not want this in their community, additionally citing there were already other options available. One woman stated there were already 5 abortion clinics and 15 comprehensive health clinics in Rochester, so there were already those options available.

    They stated with the number of people who showed up to protest Planned Parenthood moving into Brighton, the Brighton Town Board still passed the proposition to allow Planned Parenthood into Brighton anyway. They commented that this led them to believe that the decision had already been made ahead of the Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 meeting with concerned citizens and the Brighton Town Board.

  2. CarolnCrossed says:

    Thanks for this insightful discussion. I hadn’t thought of the abortion clinic the way you speak of it here.
    Our Jewish friends remind us that there is only one Holocaust. However, there are other forms of genocide: the Killing Fields in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, for instance. Abortion is another as Diane says here. Its connection to Hitler was brought to light in a New York Times story (Feb. 11, 1992) about the arrest of Josef Mengele, the ‘Angel of Death’. The Auschwitz Death Camp doctor had been doing what he knew well: practicing abortions in Buenos Ares.

    So yes it is strange that one genocide is replaced with another. Hitler said, “Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it. And eventually they will believe it.” I am afraid that we still believe it.

  3. Patriot23 says:

    I will leave a short simple comment. If you wonder about the shot, which big Pharma is calling a vaccine, look up the Nuremberg Code.

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