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Aspirin and the not-so-hidden vax agenda?

September 18th, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Less than a day ago, the Cleansing Fire Ticker added the ‘aspirin et al’ story here: Hospital system makes workers vow to give up antibiotics, Tylenol to get COVID vaccine exemptions – LifeSite (

One needs to get to the 7th mini-paragraph before the word ‘aspirin’ shows up, but it is there, nonetheless, invoked as a test of the sincerity and commitment of  people seeking a religious exemption from the controversial ‘vax jab.’

Conway Regional Hospital in Arkansas gives its employees who seek a religious exemption the following statement:

  • “Based on your religious exemption request, we ask that you complete the below attestation,” the form, dated September 3, states. “This will help to validate your understanding of the ubiquity of fetal cell use in the testing and development of common medicines and consumer products and support your claim of a ‘sincerely held belief’.” 

The LifeSiteNews article states: “The form features a list of 30 medicines that it claims ‘have used fetal cells in … development,’ including aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, Benadryl, Tums, azithromycin, Sudafed, acetaminophen, and Pepto Bismol.”

The theory behind requiring abstention from aspirin and certain other popular drugs is ostensibly to test the willingness of the user to abstain from other drugs claimed to be dependent upon abortive materials in their development and, we might add, possibly ‘to punish the recipient of the waiver too.’

But it seems highly unlikely that some such drugs have any connection to abortive materials at all, unless sitting side-by-side on a pharmacy shelf qualifies as a connection! Aspirin is a particularly noteworthy case.

LifeSiteNews points out that “Many of the drugs listed by Conway Regional, were actually developed decades before the advent of aborted fetal cell lines in the 1970s.” And, we might add, well before the commercialization of aborted baby parts. “Aspirin, discovered in 1853, began circulating in the United States in 1899” and some of those early forms are still readily available especially in animal husbandry.

  • So, aspirin was used in North America long before the Bayer product reached our shores! The American Indian chewed willow bark aspirin precursors for pain relief. But the vax advocates have an especially serious reason for putting aspirin on their list of the forbidden….

During the early stages of COVID-19, when some autopsies were done on the deceased, before they were forbidden, it was noted that the victims’ lungs were filled with blood-clots. Recently, the death of a nursing infant was tied to its mother’s recent vax, death caused by blood-clots in the infant.  It was noted that a fair number of early Covid victims would have survived if they had taken aspirin to dissolve the clots! So, the question is whether or not banning aspirin use by recipients of a waiver is really about a ‘teaching moment’ or about serving a depopulation agenda.


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  1. Diane Harris says:

    LifesiteNews weighs in on the claims at large of ivermectin and HCQ using abortive materials (NOT!)

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