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Too Frightening to Post …

June 21st, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

… but too frightening not to post. Let us still pray, and hope for God’s Mercy!

Brother Bugnolo paints a disturbing picture, but one consistent with projections that a 3rd covid wave will come from those vaccinated. See:

Get Br. Bugnolo’s take on the objective of the covid release / vax here:

This winter 2 Billion will die, bodies in the streets. (


6 Responses to “Too Frightening to Post …”

  1. Patriot23 says:

    This is far from the first statement of what is coming that I have
    heard. Apparently the shot, which for the record is not a vaccine,
    alters the immune system of the body. The immune system that GOD
    created will no longer be able to fight off the variants of the
    Chinese bio weapon. Everyone who got the shot and if they lived after
    getting the shot will have immunity against the original virus. But a
    virus mutates and they no longer have the immune system given to
    everyone by GOD. They do not have the ability to fight off the
    variant. The survival rate against the virus is over 99.9% for
    people of the world. Why do people put more trust in a Scientist who
    has worked for 30 years then put their trust in Almighty God who has
    lived for Eternity?

  2. Mary-Kathleen says:

    I accidentally clicked on “liking” this post. Having researched and read about Br. Alexis Bugnolo and read some of his posts online, I now repudiate my “like”.

  3. Diane Harris says:

    Please share more of your observations and concerns. All we at CF can really do is give an accurate representation of what so-and-so said and of our own response/opinion; we can’t assure they are speaking the truth in a world so dedicated to ‘managing’ the truth. And, of course, if they are speaking truth, we don’t want to suppress it either. My own opinion is that we are in the midst of a deliberate global depopulation effort. And you? Peace, d

  4. Mary-Kathleen says:

    A simple search brings information to light. This “presentation” of his is rather irrational:

    A link at the beginning of the above leads one to this March 26, 2021 article by Fr. Matthew P. Schneider LC:

    A quote from Fr. Schneider: “Alexis Bugnolo runs a news site called FromRome. It however is not reliable and is frequently contrary to the Catholic Faith despite his insistence he is orthodox.”

  5. Diane Harris says:

    Thank you for supplying references to your concerns about Br. Bugnolo. There is one point in which I think we might have a common satisfaction. IMO, Br. Bugnolo, by his recent enunciation, has declared himself to be a prophet, whether he uses the word or not. And we know there is only one test for prophets — each and every one of their prophecies must come true, or we are excused from believing any of their prophecies. Often timing is not specific, but Br. Bugnolo’s prophecy has a tight timing. If it does not come true in all respects, he is not a prophet. There is not long to wait. d

    PS You might also add to your list as a test:

  6. Mary-Kathleen says:

    I can wait.

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