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60 rotten apples doth half a bushel make

June 16th, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Who are the bishops fighting for pro-abortion politicians? A closer look | News | Lifesitenews

LifeSiteNews’ excellent reporting of detail warns Catholics of certain dioceses of the risk their souls encounter on a regular basis. LSN also exposes the closing of ranks by a number of Pope Francis’ appointees, as well as the real lack of diocesan breadth among the 60-odd prelates.

See also the CF Ticker for outstanding rant by Fr. James Altman against the 60 ‘imbecile’ bishops who refuse to protect the Eucharist against the sacrilege of reception by pro-abortion politicos. Or click this link: Episcopal Carpet Bombing | The Vortex ( 


Consider the surprise of LSN’s comment regarding who these 60 bishops are:

“The May 13 letter [Feast of Our Lady of Fatima], obtained by The Pillar,  features heads of a few dozen of America’s roughly 200 dioceses. Upon examination, it appears to be a project of a handful of prominent, pro-LGBT, often abuser-connected bishops. Nearly half of the signatures come from just eight liberal prelates and their auxiliaries, for instance.

Principal authors of the memo include Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington, on whose letterhead it was sent, and Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, according to The Pillar. At least one reported signer, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, has said that he was added without his knowledge, and at least two others have withdrawn their signature, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.”

The flock does, indeed, face a difficult challenge in trying to obey such bishops. Unless or until there is at least a visible effort to remove them, parishioners in such dioceses can look to the well-publicized activities and words of healthier leadership; i.e. true teachers of the Deposit of the Faith.  It is not difficult to ‘adopt a bishop’ by visiting their websites, reading their letters, subscribing to their newsletters or newspapers, offering financial support and obedience to what is true.

And it is not difficult to find such leaders through reporting of their courageous words, like Abp. Cordileone of San Francisco: US archbishop reaffirms call to deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians | News | LifeSite (

Rotten apple. On a white background stock images   Meanwhile, for those who can stomach rotten fruit by the half-bushel, here is also a plethora of indicting and disgusting detail from LSN on the dangerous likes of Cardinals Blase Cupich, Wilton Gregory, Robert McElroy, Joseph Tobin and others:  Who are the bishops fighting for pro-abortion politicians? A closer look | News | Lifesitenews


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