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May 31st, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris
Dear readers,

We have some astoundingly important articles for you today. Let me list some of them.

  1. Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin ‘ The ‘terrifying’ new research reported by a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario finds the vaccine spike proteins are being unexpectedly seen in the bloodstream of some Covid-vaccinated persons. The protein is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility. This discovery should lead to an immediate halt to all distribution of Covid “vaccines”.
  2. COVID infection elicits long-lasting immunity, nullifying worldwide vaccine push: study. There is now strong evidence that Covid infection and recovery produces antibody- producing cells that will live for the rest of people’s lives. This and other studies have provided strong evidence, as some scientists long ago told LifeSite, the recovery from Covid infection produces long-lasting and life-long immunity, regardless of the claims of government health authorities and vaccine manufacturers who firmly maintain that recovery from Covid does not provide immunity and that people can be re-infected. Those are outright lies to ensure that everyone is vaccinated. In reality, the hundreds of millions who have been infected and recovered do not and should not be vaccinated for health and safety reasons as explained in the article. This is also explosive news.
  3. Number of COVID cases in Delhi crashes after mass distribution of ivermectin. Mass distribution of Ivermectin would appear to be behind the dramatic fall in COVID-19 cases, both in India and Mexico City. The news about the incredible effectiveness of Ivermectin for treating Covid has been exploding in recent days. What this also means is that the public has been subjected to a massive campaign of deliberate, dangerous misinformation about Covid treatments since the pandemic began.
  4. Scientific censorship in Canada: Anti-lockdown doctors seen as ‘major threat’ to government, physician’s college, media. The actions taken by Dr. Phillips and his colleagues to not only speak truth to the government’s lockdown narrative under the threat of sanction, but ultimately serve the best interest of their patients, are nothing short of heroic.
  5. Another major article from the great Archbishop Viganò: The Great Reset from start to finish – With the pandemic, little by little they told us that isolation, lockdowns, masks, curfews, ‘live-streamed Masses,’ distance-learning, ‘smartworking,’ recovery funds, vaccines, and ‘green passes’ would permit us to come out of the emergency, and, believing in this lie, we renounced the rights and lifestyles that they warned us would never return: ‘Nothing will be the same again.’

There is a lot more. These are some of the most important articles for today. Pass them on to others. They should lead to a revolution of reactions against unnecessary, very harmful, even criminal  government policies that have been imposed on a suffering public over the past 14 months.

Steve Jalsevac

[May 31, 2021]


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