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Alleluia echoes during Lent – recalled!

March 10th, 2021, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Thanks to “T” and “J” for input on the Alleluia post, which I am now recalling and rewriting. They each gave me some clarity on two different issues regarding returning to the pre-Covid Mass. While I apologize for any confusion caused from the original post, and for overlooking some fine ‘early return’ work by several prelates, there is always a second side each time error is found and corrected; i.e. the joy of realizing somebody read the post! I do welcome the input. What follows is less an attempt to determine which bishop did what first, but rather an effort to recognize the issues. The title I used was simply to recognize the joy of having Mass return to us, and we to Mass. It was not meant to be a liturgical Alleluia in Lent, but an exhalation after holding our collective breath for far too long. And still.

There are two key issues, and many associated concerns, which affect the laity’s return to Mass:

  1. The Law of the Church is clear. The first precept is “to attend Mass on all Sundays and other Holydays of Obligation….” That is only possible for the laity to perform if a priest celebrates Mass. When forbidden by the hierarchy and submitted to by the priest, the laity has little choice. When the Church herself, through the actions of the hierarchy, submits unnecessarily to civil authority (a point we can debate) the laity is severely injured, confused and frightened. Whistling the laity back to the pew needs therapy, clarity and love. The impersonality of the live-stream now comfortably suits too many souls, missing the whole intent of the Sunday Mass. It is not unique that bishops are reopening dioceses here and there; it is unique in the history of the world that all the bishops not only abandoned the Mass for the laity, but that so many are dawdling souls away by refusing to open fully.
  2. The Metastases of various Mass Forms accelerates disunity. Unfortunately, due to trying to accommodate the civil requirements, various forms have evolved which seem likely to persist without powerful intervention. It is not only about restoring everything from altar servers to holy water fonts and from singing hymns to abandoning the tweezers (!) It is also about certain of the clergy seeing an opportunity to design their own Mass, and deny the sacred to the flock. An example is that of attending a funeral Mass in a previously unvisited parish only to find out at Communion that the pastor refuses as a matter of his personal policy to give the Body of Christ on the tongue. Variations in Communion become differentiating factors between parishes and erode the ‘Oneness’ of the Faith. We end up with the Mass being the ‘culture’ of the presider.

I intend to write more on these subjects, but wanted first to show the underlayment of the dynamics of ‘bring back the Mass.’


One Response to “Alleluia echoes during Lent – recalled!”

  1. raymondfrice says:

    this is part of the linguistic part of theological discussion”“to attend Mass on all Sundays and other Holydays of Obligation….”. What does attend mean. To sit there and do nothing but stand up and sit down?? Or to join in the prayers and sing the hymns?? WE CELEBRATE THE MASS WHICH MEANS TO JOIN IN!!!

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