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Wait for it …

November 30th, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris



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  1. BigE says:

    The real treason is undermining our Democratic process with continued unsubstantiated and unproven claims of fraud.

    “A retired Air Force three-star general reignited baseless conspiratorial claims about U.S. troops’ involvement in clandestine missions in the wake of the presidential election — claims an Army official said are 100% false.

    No Special Forces soldiers were killed while seizing computer servers in Germany as part of a CIA operation after the presidential election. There was, in fact, no mission of the sort.

    And members of the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion are not “the Kraken” that an attorney for President Donald Trump said last month she’d be unleashing. The unit is not involved in any post-election missions supporting the White House — a move that would be highly unlikely considering it’s an entry-level training battalion where new soldiers who haven’t yet picked up their military occupational specialty are assigned.

    “The allegations are false,” an Army official told”

    What a shock…..

  2. spenceherendeen says:

    This is not a direct response to McInery and the video but to just show that this election was not all pristine, clean, and “the safest election ever.”

    When looking for evidence of voter fraud in the past, there have been a few tell-tale signs that are looked for by people investigating:
    1.) Sudden stoppage of counting
    2.) Immediate pickup of counting at odd times
    3.) An unusually high number of ballots coming in all at once: particularly when the majority of them are for one person
    4.) Technological glitches, shutdowns, reboots, etc. with seemingly no explanation.
    5.) Technology connected to the Internet.

    All of these have happened in this election and oddly enough: mostly in the swing states.

    Now I haven’t looked too much into Sidney Powell’s lawsuit but I believe it has merit.

    I am an engineer by trade & given all I have read about the Dominion/Sequoia/Smartmatic debacle I believe that either they are the most incompetent company out there (particularly when it comes to their engineers), or that they have ulterior motives.

    No engineer in their right mind would create a system where the votes would flip candidates if the “software wasn’t updated” as was claimed in Antrim County, MI: particularly with technology of this sensitivity and magnitude. A normal company wouldn’t allow that software to get out the front door.

    Also: when seeing “vote dumps”, I am not too much concerned that they happened because some states direct that the absentee ballots be uploaded all at once. However, I am concerned with the time at which it happened: which is irrefutable. Why (in the case of Wisconsin) at 3:42 AM that large dump? When there was supposed to have been no one there, when all poll watchers were told to go home. Even the absentee ballots have to be uploaded in the sight of a poll watcher. And if they were uploaded early in view of them: why did the system not report the jump until 3:42 AM?

    Again: either the most incompetent voting machine company out there, or something designed with intent and given the tweet of one of their top engineers who has multiple patents on voting technology (he said: “Don’t worry about Trump winning the election, I made sure of it”). At any rate: all states should dump Dominion and all ties to them either for being incompetent or nefarious.

    Also: here is a link to interviews with people in Detroit for some more proof of fraud:

  3. BigE says:

    1) Past trends in such an unusual election year due to the pandemic mean little.
    2) A hand count of EVERY paper ballot in Georgia confirmed the accuracy of the Dominion machines. Same in Wisconsin. There is ZERO proof that this has been an issue.
    3) Sidney Powell lawsuits have been laughed out of court. Trump lawsuits in total currently 0-39 and counting. That pretty much tells the story.
    4) And all the “witnesses” currently being touted by Giuliani and co. have been discredited or deemed unreliable in the courts. Luckily in our country, what people may claim actually has to be proven. And none of these witnesses claims have held up in a court of law.

    This election is over, and it was as accurate as any (these same dominion machines were used in the 2016 election and no one had a problem with them then…). Democrat and Republican election officials have said so. The head of Trump’s Cybersecurity agency said so. The DOJ has said so.

  4. spenceherendeen says:

    1.) Of course it is unusual in a pandemic: but given that the pandemic is across all states, logic tells you the confusion should follow in all states. Funny how the problems only happened in swing states. Florida was an exception because they had Bush V. Gore to learn from.
    2.) Hand count means nothing without signature verification. Especially considering when numerous affidavits have been sworn that the handwriting scanning sensitivity was turned down to 40%. Also that the swing states have had unusually low rejections rates of absentee ballots. Georgia in particular I believe had ~1%. In any other election they have 6%. Considering it is an odd election with the pandemic & new rules, you’d think this would be higher, not drastically lower.
    3.) That lawsuit count is extremely inaccurate. The Trump legal team has only filed (I think) 6 lawsuits. The rest of them were filed by other people (including Sidney Powell).
    4.) No, not all of them have been discredited. I believe Melissa Carone is the main one. Also: you can ignore 1, or even 10 sworn affidavits: but can you ignore hundreds? Especially when there stories corroborate? It’s like one of those that testified: “A liar has to have a lot of memory power, but you could ask me in the middle of the night and the story would still be the same.”

    Additionally: the election is not over. Not until all lawsuits are settled, the electors have voted, AND both chambers of Congress have approved the election: which in a great timing, occurs on the Feast of the Epiphany. If Congress believes there is enough doubt in the election results where they can’t trust it: this could go to a contingent election. Why do you think Hillary told Joe Biden months ago: “Under no circumstances concede to the election”. Because she thought for certain that the House lead would bust open, and the Senate would be extremely Democrat: neither of which happened.

  5. BigE says:

    1) First of all, your premise that there’s a “problem” in the swing states is incorrect. Second, the only reason problems are being called out in the swing states is because those are the states Trump is trying to overturn. If Trump had lost Ohio, we’d see him whining about the same issues there too. Heck, Trump called out the integrity of the entire 2016 election simply because he lost the popular vote.

    2) Hand count does mean something because it rules out the whole wild “Dominion Machine” vote switch conspiracy theory. And signiture verification was already a part of the Georgia voting process: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, said that not only is it entirely possible to match signatures, but that the state requires it. “When a voter requests an absentee ballot on a paper application, he or she must sign it. Election officials compare that signature to the signature in voter registration files before a ballot is sent to the voter, Raffensperger said. When those ballots are returned, the required signature on the outer envelope is compared to signatures in the voter registration system. This process was spelled out in detail in the consent decree, a legal settlement that was signed March 6.”

    3) Your parsing of this is irrelevent. One, those lawsuits, whether Trump’s, or people who support Trump, have attacked the legitimacy of this election from every possible angle and have come up empty. So 0-39 says a lot. Secondly, Trump supporters can’t have it both ways. When I called the out the Sidney Powell lawsuits as being so outlandish and fantastical that Trump dumped her from his legal team – the response from this site was that this was simply a legal strategy to increase the number, and potential, of Trump lawsuits. Can’t have it both ways.

    4) Yes, all of them have been discredited. That’s what 0-39 in the courts mean. The “hundreds” of affidavits have not lead to one favorable ruling.

    Additionally, yes I agree. If my football team is down 4 touchdowns with 2 seconds remaining onthe game clock – the game is not technically over. But anyone sitting in the stands (if they were still there) would agree the game is all but over.

  6. spenceherendeen says:

    Well, I suppose we shall see how it plays out. We will have someone taking the oath of office on January 20th (or have Nancy Pelosi or a possibly new speaker as temporary President).

    The most we can pray for is that whatever the Truth is, that it will come to light if it has not already.

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