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Trump Rally in Washington D.C.

November 14th, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris

“Do not quit” Rally for President Trump, Washington DC, Nov. 14, 2020























“Tens of thousands” seems to be a gross underestimate.



Thank you to Ludwig who, in his comment, brought attention to two pictures previously posted (now removed) as having been mislabeled, and not being from the Trump Rally.

We removed the pictures and will contact the source of the prior pictures to be sure they know of the error. (That source has been consistently reliable but we depend on others as they depend on us to have the facts correct, or at least corrected immediately for any error.)

With apologies, but with gratitude to Ludwig for his sharp vision, we have removed the two items he questioned,  but are leaving the LifeSiteNews pictures. We will re-post if we get satisfactory proof of the other sources. Feedback like that from our members is very helpful. Thank you.


8 Responses to “Trump Rally in Washington D.C.”

  1. Ludwig says:

    The bottom picture in this post is from the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers championship celebration.

    It’s worth remembering that not everything we find on the internet is vetted, true, or in appropriate context.

  2. Diane Harris says:

    Thank you, Ludwig, for bringing our attention to the error. We immediately removed the erroneous picture, with apology. We will also research how this could have happened in materials from a usually reliable source.

  3. Ludwig says:

    It would appear that the 3rd picture (now the new “bottom” picture) is from the 2017 Women’s March. Clearly the same tents in the distance, same screens in the foreground. Same green generator-looking thing at the base of the towers near the flag.

  4. Diane Harris says:

    Took that one down too, pending further clarification, or new picture substitutes.

  5. BigE says:

    Wow Ludwig…good job. How were you able to spot those fabrications? My only other comment is that this rally looks like another in a long line of “super spreader” events. No masks and certainly no social distancing. Dangerous.

  6. Ludwig says:

    Honestly, it was just a gut feeling. There’s so much fake news and “fudging” done by all sides, that misinformation tends to flow freely as fact pretty freely, intentionally or otherwise.

    Also, the Cavaliers pictures seemed to just look way different. A lot more yellow in that one, and less red white and blue than the genuine rally. So I just did a reverse google image search on the picture.

    Once I’d done that, I figured why not do the same with the others? And sure enough, it was the Women’s March.

  7. Ludwig says:

    I agree on the “super-spreader” potential of the genuine photos. Whenever I mention this to MAGA-devotees, the response is inevitably “but the democrats were celebrating Biden’s win in the street.”

    This is, of course, the Tu Quoque Fallacy. Apparently if we see our opponents jumping off a bridge, we see that as an excuse to likewise jump.

  8. Diane Harris says:

    Thanks, Ludwig, for sharing with us “how” you went about checking. I hope you will share with us all (or maybe the small percentage who just don’t know) what you mean by a ‘reverse google image search’ so none of us get ‘snookered’ again. How do we do that, please?

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