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The score before counting stopped Nov. 4 at 3AM (inserted post 11/9/20)

November 4th, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris


One Response to “The score before counting stopped Nov. 4 at 3AM (inserted post 11/9/20)”

  1. BigE says:

    I’m amazed that people don’t understand the dynamics of how voting went during the election.
    1) Trump demonized mail-in voting in addition to minimizing the dangers of the pandemic – and so a large majority of republicans voted “in-person” on election day.
    2) Biden and the Democratic party encouraged mail-in votes as an easier way to vote (relative to travel, long lines, etc) and as a way to avoid any dangers from the pandemic – and so large percent of democratic voters used mail-in ballots.
    3) A number of Republican states (like Wisconson) passed legislation which wouldn’t allow for counting mail-in votes before election day.
    4) So the result was that “in-person” votes on election day were counted first, and since that was the way most republicans voted – it was no surpize to see Trump jump out to an early and big lead.
    5) Then afterwards, as the primarily democratic mail-in votes were counted – that lead naturally evaporated in a number of states.
    If mail-in votes had been counted as they were received before election day, the opposite trend would have happened – with Biden taking a big early lead and having to hold have a Trump surge on election day.
    So there is absolutely no mystery as to why the results changed after in-person voting was done.

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