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The Life and Death Issues of COVID Vaccines

August 3rd, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris


In April, 2020, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, asked Catholics to “join your voices with mine in an effort to bring to a halt” any coronavirus vaccines which were derived from aborted babies.

“Tragically, people are not aware of or have chosen to turn a blind eye to the advances in medical science which allow vaccines to be developed with the wholesale use of aborted children’s bodies,” Strickland wrote in his pastoral letter. “Scientists I’ve spoken with assure me that there is no medical necessity for using aborted children in order to develop the much-needed vaccine to protect us from this particular strain of coronavirus,” he stated.

The August 2, 2020 Cleansing Fire Ticker included the following link: and it is a particularly disturbing article not only because the UK bishops are supporting use of aborted fetal cell lines for a Covid-19 vaccine, but even more of concern because those same bishops seem to be ordering Catholics to surrender their free will and consciences, mandating them to receive that same questionable vaccine. Here are some references to what we know about the vaccine and associated plans, which is very little indeed:

There is also a serious effort to ‘get the vaccine-scare toothpaste back in the u-tube’ due to earlier reports, video etc. that Bill Gates was quoted as saying up to a million people could die just from adverse reactions to a vaccine. A number of articles have now made a point of denying he said those words, but the original statement seems not to be available any longer, at least not by using common search tools. In the ‘cancel culture,’ deletion apparently now means it never happened.

One day, a month or two ago, I was praying after Mass about such a huge financial force as the Gates Foundation seemingly overwhelming its opposition on the issues they fund, like abortion and a ‘worldwide’ vaccine. I was remarking to the Lord how “Melinda and Bill” have been blessed with so much, and the pro-life effort seems so small by comparison, so vulnerable, and how weak the Church seems at such a crucial moment.  The Lord suddenly led me to remember Matthew 16:18b: “…and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Neither shall the Gateses. Amazing, isn’t it?

While mandatory vaccine (by magisterial authority) ‘only’ applies to the UK at the moment, it is a dangerous precedent, and plays right into the weaknesses of so many bishops in the USCCB. See “God’s Fearful Frozen” here:  The weeds are indeed growing with the wheat, even among the members of a national conference of bishops. (“An enemy has done this.”)

We need courage from our prelates, like that of Bishop Strickland’s refusing to sign the Texas bishops’ statement permitting hospitals and similar institutions of ‘care’ to decide unilaterally how to ration life-saving equipment. It smells of rationing mortal sin: “Who gets to commit it and who doesn’t?” But sin is sin, and it is a sad situation when the majority of the successors of the Apostles, albeit in just one geographical area, presume to permit such sin in the same tone as permission to eat meat on Friday!


The Rest of the Story

This intrusion into civil rights by a bishops’ conference is an “emerging” issue of great significance in the Church, regardless of whether one believes the proposed vaccination is related to the “mark of the beast” or not , and regardless of the courage or lack thereof among the shepherds who seem far more willing to command irrational, risky behavior by the flock than they are to criticize the wolf.

But there is another issue clouding these matters, for which our often short term memory can be impaired — how the Church has been harmed by actions from high levels in the Vatican in the last 5 years. One Peter Five does an excellent summary of Pope Francis’s dismissal at the end of 2016 of the entire Pontifical Academy for Life (Founded by St. John Paul II) : See  That particular article is especially worth our careful reading, and remembering. It seems to be a template for  other possible changes.

During 2017 the Pontifical Academy for Life was almost completely reconstituted under Abp. Paglia, himself the center of much concern and accusation: One surprise is the contrast between the 2005 position of the Academy, and what was belatedly issued for 2017 regarding vaccines. We can wonder how much of the dissolution of the Academy was for the purpose of rewriting the vaccine guidelines, for it is certainly emerging that vaccination is a likely part of any plan for One World Religion/Government, and potentially for significant population reduction as well. And it may also be essential to the ‘mark of the beast’ (See Revelation, Chapter 13). It is only a small leap from legislating that everyone must accept a vaccine to saying they can’t do any business, pay bills, get groceries, own property, rent, drive or receive health care, etc. unless they obey. This is not like isolation was a century ago in TB Sanitaria of sick patients to protect the well. Being isolated (quarantined indefinitely) today is potentially a tactic against the healthy, to force compliance. 

Interestingly, Catholic Culture reported on March 21, 2019 a statement on vaccines by The Pontifical Academy for Life somewhat contradictory to its prior (2005) position. Their statement is dated July 2017 but apparently became only widely known nearly two years later. That article is shown below in the blue type. And, just a little over one year later, we now have the statement from the UK Bishops virtually mandating vaccination.

It now appears possible that the engineering of the entire demise of The Pontifical Academy for Life could have been a 3-5 year plan to revise the Church’s position on vaccinations, which of course inevitably weakens the strength of the pro-life movement. If the bishops really believe what they are trying to order done in the UK, they should be the first to receive the vaccine, except of course any who speak courageously from their own consciences against mandatory inoculation.

I have chosen not to argue the relative merits of the proximity in timing between the sin of killing the unborn and the use of the fetal cells, as I do not feel competent to make such a decision; that is one reason why it is so important for the Church to get it right, and for stability of the Church Teaching. Confusion is the fruit of the evil one. About 6 hours ago, I uploaded this post. Now I have just received the happy news from LifeSiteNews that Bp. Strickland has again asserted the same position he expressed previously.

From Catholic Culture and Catholic World News: 

Click here to read about Pontifical Academy for Life’s 2019 encouragement of vaccinations. 

March 21, 2019

The Pontifical Academy for Life has encouraged parents to have their children vaccinated.

A statement from the Pontifical Academy—released in July 2017 but only now made public—appears to take a very different tone from a statement issued by the same Vatican office in 2005.

In the 2005 statement, the Pontifical Academy for Life noted that many vaccines use cell lines derived from aborted children. Despite the potential benefits of using these vaccines, the Vatican office said, “there remains a moral duty to continue to fight and to employ every lawful means in order to make life difficult for the pharmaceutical industries which act unscrupulously and unethically.” The 2005 statement said that parents could be justified in allowing vaccination, but strongly urged the faithful to press for the development of vaccines that were developed by morally licit means.

In a news story issued on March 20, [2019] the Catholic News Service (CNS) reports that in the 2017 statement, the Pontifical Academy concluded that “the use of such vaccines does not signify some sort of cooperation in voluntary abortion.” Earlier, theologians had argued that the use of the tainted vaccines would constitute “remote material cooperation,” which could be justified in compelling circumstances.

The CNS report said that the Pontifical Academy had furnished “a working translation of the 2017 document”—which is not otherwise available—after a legal controversy developed in Kentucky, where traditionalist Catholics have cited Church teaching as their reason for rejecting vaccinations.

The July 2017 statement was issued shortly after Pope Francis completely revamped the Pontifical Academy for Life, replacing all of the group’s members and giving the office a new direction.



3 Responses to “The Life and Death Issues of COVID Vaccines”

  1. Diane Harris says:

    Latest shame of the Academy for Life is its recent pandemic document, stripped of all mention of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the sacraments, prayer, or even charity. Over 4000 words long,it is accused of being basically a secular document.

  2. christian says:

    A parishioner pointed out a few months ago, that vaccines have been made from insect cells and questioned if anyone knew of research of a COVID-19 vaccine being done using insect cells. This very learned female PhD stated that vaccines made from insect cells are a very viable and acceptable option in the making of vaccines over the use of fetal cell lines. She stated the use of insect cells would be a very viable and acceptable option in the research and production of a new vaccine against COVID-19. There are already vaccines made from insect cells approved by the FDA. For more information, see my posted link.

    Excerpt: “The baculovirus-insect cell expression system, often referred to as BEVS, is well known as a tool for producing complex proteins, and providing rapid access to biologically active proteins. This protein production platform has been extensively explored for the production of viral and parasitic antigens [24] and, more recently, vaccines have been commercialized demonstrating its potential as a commercial manufacturing technology.”

    If more people knew there were approved vaccines other than those usually made from fetal cell lines, more conscientious people would be insisting on the vaccines made from insect cells instead. (I think a lot has to do with what is made available and pushed to doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals for purchase through Big Pharma).

    I think education on the part of the public, in terminology which they are able to understand, is essential in their decision-making regarding healthcare.

    For instance, on a Catholic social media site, one Catholic subscriber was lauding the technology of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as one couple he had knowledge of who hadn’t been able to conceive a child naturally, were able to conceive their child through IVF. This married couple’s child conceived via IVF had just been born. His comments came across as endorsing IVF for married couples having difficulty conceiving a child.

    I first diplomatically stated that all life was precious and a gift from God. I deemed the child that had been the product of IVF was precious, but the process of IVF was not an acceptable process of conceiving a child by the Catholic Church.

    This subscriber further refuted me as having no knowledge of the Catholic Church being against IVF, and questioned how the Catholic Church could be against such a wonderful process that would bring about a child to a couple who have not been able to conceive a child normally. I indicated the process involved a type of abortion as unused fertilized eggs (embryos) are typically either discarded or frozen and used in research.

    I stated that the Vatican was against In Vitro Fertilization particularly due to the discarded embryos not used in implantation in the uterus. I stated that The Vatican has acknowledged that often a married couple seeking to have their own child through IVF are not completely informed of the process, so they are not aware of the discarded embryos, (the mothers’ eggs fertilized by the father’s sperm, defined as the beginning of life in the Catholic Church). Due to the couple’s naitivé and misinformed consent, the Vatican is more tolerantly understanding and forgiving, but definitely not approving of IVF.
    I pointed out the difference to him between Artificial Insemination and In Vitro Fertilization, as there are many people who do not know the difference.

    Some time after my response to this Catholic subscriber, another person responded, also stating IVF was against the Catholic Church, but went into more detail using very technical and medical terminology. Shortly after this other person responded, both of our statements were not shown on the site anymore; apparently deleted. How many people know that IVF is against the teaching of the Catholic Church?

    Additionally, IVF is used for having select offspring -playing God. There are cases where IVF is used as a precaution against bearing offspring with a feared genetic predisposition or makeup. Testing is done among the embryos to detect any embryos with the genetic predisposition or make up. Any (or all) embryos that test positive as having the genetic predisposition/makeup are destroyed. Only embryos testing free of the genetic predisposition/ makeup are implanted.

    Currently, there are options, at least at some clinics, for the couple to sign for a release of the unused embryos to be given a funeral and burial. Donation of any healthy embryo(s) can be made to another couple(s) through adoption paperwork. If the couple does not specify what is to be done with the unused embryos, or is not given a choice, the unused embryos are destroyed or used in research.
    I think IVF gets more complex when donated sperm and/or eggs are used. I also think IVF is more complex when a surrogate is used for implantation, to bear the pregnancy, and to give birth to the child.

    The IVF illustration is to further point out that many Catholics, other Christians, and peoples of other faiths; actually the general public, do not know how the scientific and medical origin and information regarding certain technologies and procedures, including vaccines. Many do not know what certain vaccines are made from and also the alternative approved vaccines out there. They think if it’s on the market, deemed safe, and their physician or other healthcare provider approves, that’s good enough for them. To be clear, I’m not an anti-vaxxer.

    More people have to question and insist on the alternative vaccines not made from a fetal cell line.

  3. militia says:

    Remember! There are people right now who are depriving themselves of oxygen to protect themselves from a virus they’re going to inject themselves with later as a vaccine!

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