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Shameful “Science”

June 9th, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Shameful “Science” has just caused the death of many people from the deadly Wuhan virus. Whether politically motivated or financially motivated is still hard to determine, but the raw facts are clear. Early in the American invasion by China’s manufactured virus, there were efforts to apply drugs to treatment of the victims of the virus, drugs which had enjoyed some success against earlier viruses. It didn’t take long before good results were announced, and President Trump was one of the first people to mention the application and hold out hope in what seemed like an extremely virulent and almost untreatable disease. The drug was developed against malaria in the 1940’s and its history showed efficacy and few long term side effects. The drug is inexpensive and readily available, so why not use it and treat as many as possible?

The answer seems to be that what was enthusiasm on one hand met with unreasonable opposition on the other hand. For example, NY’s Governor Cuomo, issuing all his own rules and regs without most normal government processes, took it on himself to say only virus suffers enrolled in a study would be allowed to use the drug in NY. Other states followed suit. Patients died who could have been saved, like the elderly in nursing homes, for whom Cuomo  wrote a death sentence without reprieve, by ordering the nursing homes to accept COVID patients, even though unprepared to do so. Cuomo also whined about needing thousands more ventilators, which were mostly ineffective against the disease. Governors playing scientist are only one step away from playing God. And Cuomo’s push for legislation to end a baby’s life after birth or after a failed abortion already show he’s been ‘playing God’ for quite a while.

President Trump, on the other hand, clearly had some access to the truth of the matter, as he never stopped calling for use of the anti-malarial, even when he was denounced as trying to leverage the situation for personal financial gain. Finally, he even put himself on the line to make the point that he must have had access to credible scientific studies. And that got political attention, big time. Who was behind mis-characterizing the anti-malarial as dangerous or ineffective? Did it involve Bill Gates who unabashedly was promoting vaccine plus the mark of the beast to make billions more for himself? Finally some truth about exploitative studies on other Gates ‘clinicals’ in poor and undeveloped countries was strongly rumored, and the damage done in such clinicals hit the press. Gates himself acknowledged that a million people could die just from a vaccine; but, remember, he is on the side of reducing world population by billions too! Apparently there is big money in death, provided one is not the person who dies.

We can’t know yet whether the strategy of an inexpensive and effective drug,  already on the market for more than half a century, provoked drug manufacturers to rant against the anti-malarial or not, to spread false rumors until they had caught up in their R&D development with a profitable vaccine or not, or whether the major attack on the drug was motivated by Cuomo and others disagreeing with any strategy with a Trump byline. But what should matter to scientists and decision makers is truth — always the truth. Yet the well known Lancet Journal accepted an apparently falsified claim against the anti-malarial, by incompetent workers (hardly deserving to be called scientists) in a highly suspect company with few credentials. If President Trump had not pursued the case for those suffering from COVID, at his own personal risk and belief, we would likely never know that the Lancet’s “scientific paper” was simply an adverse marketing fiction to give advantage to a patentable drug under big Pharm development.

Lying scientists hits close to home, and to what I wrote on CF related to Laudato Si in 2015, as the only reason for any seriousness being given to climate change arguments. In my opinion, the myth of climate change cannot be separated from the alleged fraud of Michael E Mann’s global warming “hockey stick.” A scientist who falsifies data is an abomination to all those who do ‘good science,’  valuing the truth wherever it leads. Don’t believe it happened? Check out Mark Steyn’s “A Disgrace to the Profession.” 

I am of the opinion that if President Trump had not taken the risk personally of using the anti-malarial, it would still be banned from use on the technicality that it hadn’t been tested long enough, and we’d never know the lie behind the misuse of science. Here are three articles which go well beyond the opinion I have shared here, and shake the substance of scientific decisions to their very core. Without truth, “science” is nothing.

“Spectacular Results”

“Proven safe and inexpensive”

“Lancet retracts study”

“Ripple effect of bad science against Catholics”


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