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TX Bp: “Catholics can’t vote for pro-abort candidates”

May 26th, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris


Abortion advocates ‘not acceptable for leadership in our society’

TYLER, Texas ( –  EXCERPTS: “The most important foundational teaching and principle of Catholic Social Teaching is that every human life is sacred from conception to natural death,” says  Bp. Joseph Strickland of Tyler TX . “… they have an inherent dignity at every age and stage of their lives. … This truth is what informs our respect for every human life, whether that life is found in the first home of the womb, a wheelchair, a jail cell, a hospital room, a hospice, a senior center, a soup kitchen or on a refugee boat,” the bishop teaches.

Strickland provides an answer to those who consider abortion simply one issue among many in the world of politics. “The Right to Life position is, in one sense, not about an ‘issue’ at all,” he says. “The Pro-Life position is also a worldview, a lens through which we should view every political, cultural, social, and economic issue,” he continues, touching on the supernatural virtue of faith. “It should inform every aspect of our participation in society, especially the exercise of our citizenship.” That exercise of citizenship includes voting. Strickland recognizes that voting is a moral act, … not exempt from moral judgment.

“… it is impossible to enjoy any right without life.” The bishop’s words match the logic of the Declaration of Independence … life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: One cannot pursue happiness without liberty, and one cannot enjoy liberty without life.

“Every procured abortion is the taking of innocent human life and is always and everywhere intrinsically immoral,” Strickland continues. “… there are no possible intentions or circumstances that could ever make the act of abortion good or morally acceptable. “Our absolute opposition to legalized abortion must be the first of the pre-eminent issues we consider in voting…”  Any candidate or political party which promotes abortion is precluded from any further consideration for a Catholic voter.  Even if a voter likes a candidate’s views on health care, immigration, education, taxes and the economy,  if the candidate supports abortion they are disqualified.

Strickland underscores the truth that people with good will and a well formed conscience could not possibly vote for someone who supports killing the innocent — at any stage of life. Hence, he notes, it is unacceptable for a Catholic to vote for someone who supports abortion.


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