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The Bishops’ Betrayal

April 2nd, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris

The linked article is just too important to be left only as a post on the Ticker. The author makes a solid case for why the bishops have grossly failed the people of God, and the following article from LifeSiteNews details the inappropriate and — yes– sinful laxity in Sacramental Responsibility…not feeding the flock at the appointed time.

Moreover, the seeds are being planted to damage the vital relationship and connection between the bishops and their own priests. Either priests will begin to see and act on their responsibilities, or they will succumb to the tone-deafness and fears of their prelates, and excuse their own failure to give sustenance to the flock as ‘obedience’ or fear.

John Chapter 21 recounts Christ’s saying to Peter: “Feed My lambs…Tend My sheep….Feed My sheep.” He didn’t add: “But when the going gets tough, lock the churches, get permission before you baptize anyone with a contagious disease, avoid personal risk and let people die without being anointed or confessed.” A great shame has descended upon the clergy at every level. And it is clericalism at its worst. How can God not hold them each personally responsible for every soul lost or damaged by what they withhold?

It seems that many young men are called to the priesthood for heroic reasons. For some, the bishops’ failure to act from the heart of Church Teaching must be a great disappointment.

Read Peter Bleyer’s article here:  Bishops betray Catholics in allowing sacraments to be deemed ‘non-essential’ in COVID-19 battle

Bleyer’s conclusion?

“The sacraments have been relegated to a priority below that of buying a hot dog bun.”


As an example, attached is the letter from the Bishop of Lubbock TX to his priests against hearing confession. It is followed by a late story in which the Bishop of Lubbock “flip-flopped” on his decision against confession when the TX governor declared church to be an essential service.

Thanks, Pilgrim.  To view more, click here:

Late Breaking story on reversal of Bishop Coerver’s decision:


2 Responses to “The Bishops’ Betrayal”

  1. Diane Harris says:

    There are many ways a bishop can betray his diocese. If we are to recognize signs of the times, we need to stay alert to the nuances. Maybe they mean nothing, mere coincidence. Or maybe they are clear handwriting on the wall.

    Today the Ticker carries two stories, side by side. The first is about the Bishop of Boise, Peter Christensen, and his oppression of the Traditional Latin Mass, demanding to be informed of all Latin Masses that take place, forbidding ad orientem celebrations and outlawing even kneelers which many elderly need if they are to receive Communion kneeling.

    Thirty three days later, the second strongest earthquake in Idaho, a 6.5 magnitude, hit Boise. The epicenter was in –wait for it! — CHALLIS Forest! Related or just coincidence?

  2. Diane Harris says:

    Note the rapid reversal of Lubbock Bishop’s decision against allowing confession, when Texas Governor says church is an essential service. Mention has been added to post above. Link is here:

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