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On Behalf of the Half-crazed, Hateful, Beloved Children of God

April 25th, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Yes, they willfully break the direct commandments of a God who already could have thrown them into hell. They don’t know about the wave of mercy they are riding.

Yes, they deliberately and obsessively violate the norms and expectations of a society which they imagine is their enemy, in which each seems unable to communicate with the other, but which is the very weapon those in rebellion seek to capture for their own use. They hate what they want, and want what they hate.

Yes, with their actions and words they specifically seek to outrage and alienate even those who would build bridges in charity and kindness to the most alienated.

The three ‘yes’ behaviors mentioned above are very similar to three ‘no’ behaviors in spoiled, angry, misbehaving young children. They appear to be adults on a physical level, but the tantrum of a 3 year old is not much different from what is playing out on an international stage – in shouted rage when they can’t have the toys they want because they belong to others, a refusal to interact effectively with others for a common good, and preoccupation with their own body parts in an ultimately unhealthy way.

The purpose of this musing is not to condemn or to further alienate, but to point out some things to those who don’t understand ‘why’ we have 3-year old ‘adults,’ and therefore have no sympathy or support for what that generation has gone through, and continues to go through. The world may see them as spoiled brats, but they see themselves as victims, and not without good reason. But as they flail about looking to place blame on what seems to divide us (race, gender, age, wealth, e.g.) the most obvious issues are being ignored. Some are from those of the victim’s own household. Here are a few examples:


The womb-tomb

Never before in the history of the world have so many children been born from wombs which, quite frankly, are murder scenes. Can we actually think that the legally approved trauma to the prior resident of the womb will not affect the mental health, psyche, spiritual need and–yes– the very soul of the next occupant of that womb? Oh, but they don’t think of themselves as having souls? Of course not, it is part of the denial of the trauma.

Young adults who suspect they are victims of such trauma ought to have the legal right to subpoena their birth mother’s medical records to confirm or deny the suspicion of trauma, and then be able to take steps toward healing. Why should any young adult, starting out in their own adulthood, be shackled by the biological and mental burden of such suspicion? Do they have a right to know? Yes, it would seem so; in that way those who provide help may learn to recognize and treat the symptoms from the residual impact of such violence.

But there is also the issue of impact on the adult mother-child relationship. Those who grew up never wondering if a brother or sister had been aborted, may never understand how an empty seat at the dining room table may appear to one who suspects the reason. There is a great peace in never having had the thought occur “Did my mother have one of my siblings killed?” There may even be survivor guilt which can impact family relations, school work and friendships. It may also underlay drug use, drowning out the anxieties associated with being born from the womb in which one or more abortions took place.

Another nagging question may be whether or not the father knew of the abortion. Did he fail his role as family protector? Will that affect his sons’ willingness to protect their own families in the future? Or lead to confusion about a son’s role as a man? Or affect the kind of man with whom his daughter chooses to spend her life?

There are also allegations that some genetic material from prior pregnancies remains in a woman’s body. It raises the speculation that perhaps such tissue may migrate to future births, and even cause gender confusion, but it is still a speculation. Very little research is being done to challenge future impact, and it is quite politically incorrect to point out that it needs to be done. Those future victims of prior abortion, in the very womb from which they’ve been born, deserve to know if they are affected and how they might be helped. Is it related, for example, to unexplained feelings of intense anger? Is it a defense in a serious crime? Is it the basis of fear that those who should be most trusted (God, the Law, the family) are the least trusted or acknowledged by those suffering intra-family trauma.

It is a fair question to ask: “What proof is there of trauma to the next child born in a womb in which a baby has been murdered?” Due to the political pressure not to look at such subjects, a better question might be: “What proof is there that future children from the same womb are not affected?” There seems to be no such proof, or even willingness to consider the question.


Contraception and the Feminization of Men

Another subject rarely considered is the effect on male children of their mothers’ contraceptive use. What residuals continue in the mother’s body as she tries to have a healthy pregnancy? I have been told by a few people closely associated with municipal drinking water systems that there is no way to remove contraceptive residues (metabolites) from domestic drinking water, so why bother testing for it? Coming from an area of the country where water is often drawn from lakes, the question does not lack meaning. Why is the current issue of gender confusion, especially among men, NOT related to hormonal pollution? One hears from time to time of aberrant fish, frogs and other creatures in fresh water lakes from which drinking water is drawn. Why? And how could humans not experience aberrations in their own bodies? While female hormones in a mother’s body may have greater impact on male children, environmental factors deserve consideration as well.

That is not to say that female offspring don’t have their own impacts from excessive hormonal waste in the environment, or from retention in mothers’ bodies from contraceptive use. Breast cancer is one potential outcome for female offspring, as DES contamination was in the 1970’s. The FDA stopped the prescription of DES (a synthetic estrogen) to pregnant women in 1971, and as livestock feed in 1979. The use of DES had begun in 1940 to prevent premature births. A rare form of breast cancer and certain forms of cervical cancer resulted from DES use, manifested in daughters and granddaughters of the women who used the drug. Later evidence points to DES having a negative health effect from such usage, including among children of male offspring, leaving many unanswered questions, and precluding lack of data for rightful lawsuits.

Is it any wonder that both female and male offspring might have undiagnosed impacts from DES and a variety of other contraceptives, especially those administered at high dose levels when they first came to market, like estrogen and progesterone? DES has been called one of the worst medical blunders in recorded history, and that multiple future generations will experience the effects. Yet many parents and grandparents have not even shared with generations of their descendants that there is such a risk, let alone have the insight to know what problems to look for now, or how to treat.

When the unmitigated rage of young people flashes across the screen from time to time, it is hard not to think of hormonal contamination. The Greeks had a word for estrogen. It means “producer of frenzy.” Pre-menstrual tensions are not a myth in women, but what might be the effect of those trace female hormones in men? It is not difficult to have some sympathy for those who express rage without knowing who the target should be. Several generations now are most likely contaminated; but studying the problem is unlikely to be funded as it is not ‘politically correct’ to even seek the cause of gender confusion.


Rage on the loose

If the two or three generations most affected by hormones or their residues often don’t know of their risk, if the trauma of  birth from a womb which hosted abortion is undiagnosed, and usually without meaningful therapy or even inter-generational communication, what else has been hidden that an individual should have a right to know? There is one over-arching item which cannot be left unsaid, as it may well be at the core of the rage of young adults today, and the cornerstone to achieving peace. And it is also related to their parents’ own difficulties in being able to meaningfully have cared for and properly influenced their children, grown or not.

The guilt lies at the feet of those parents who knew what they were doing, and did it anyway, and have not repented, even interiorly as they close their eyes at night.  The abortion mindset, of a parent willing to deliver their baby (or babies) to be butchered, for the sake of more affluence, comfort, political liberation, or women’s “rights”, thoroughly contaminates the holistic respect which should grace the parent-child relationship. At some level, one must ask how a parent can look at one of their grown children, or their tiny grandchild, and not wonder about the one whose life was ended by a pair of scissors at the base of the skull.

To leave so much unspoken between parent and child bases the whole relationship on dishonesty. Yet that absence itself is not the cause of the rage, or the anger which contorts faces. Rather, the rage is caused because it is difficult to have room in that parental relationship or in any relationship for even acknowledging that there is a God. So God, needed even more than parents, disappears from their lives.  That there are forces of evil intentionally destroying souls also is ignored. And that there actually are souls. The children and grandchildren of those who hide so much have been left not only with a parenting void, but without the only source which can help to overcome their rage.

There is simply no substitute for the love, nurturing and care one never received from a parent; but that is minor if one doesn’t know that there really is a God, who can (and wants to) provide everything that is missing. It is one thing to abort a child’s very being. But even worse, if it can possibly be imagined, to abort the soul as well, to deny it God’s own life. Immediately on writing those words, one can sense the derision and rage from those who have been grossly short-changed. Even the willingness to consider new possibilities has been stolen from those so enraged that they can’t find their way out of the noose which holds them. Their contorted faces look as if they were already in hell. At some level, hard to explain, they know they are missing something inestimable. They don’t know what it is or how to get it back. They grew up with everything, yet with nothing. And they have a right to be angry. Very, very angry. But for some there is still time, with  the possibility of creating and being created anew, for being beloved rather than neglected, and not held hostage by the sins of the parents.



2 Responses to “On Behalf of the Half-crazed, Hateful, Beloved Children of God”

  1. christian says:

    Regarding your comments about genetic material afterwards, there has actually been studies done about genetic material left behind in a mother by a fetus and the possibility of that genetic material from older siblings being passed on to younger siblings. The term for the sharing of genetic material is called Microchimerism. There is an interesting article on Microchimerism:

    You wrote: “Young adults who suspect they are victims of such trauma ought to have the legal right to subpoena their birth mother’s medical records to confirm or deny the suspicion of trauma, and then be able to take steps toward healing.”
    The only problem is, abortion clinics and abortion providers have not kept, and do not keep, permanent records as it has been viewed as a violation of a woman’s privacy.

    I think it would be more useful for any individual suspecting that their mother may have aborted a child before they were in the womb, to come out and ask their mother in a calm manner, trying not to put their mother on the defensive, but allowing her to freely open up and share the information that she had an abortion, if she had one. It could actually bring about a freeing release for her and open up both mother and child to healing through the grace of God.

    I think guilt is common among women who have had an abortion in the past, and then have another child or other children, which then makes her reflect and face the child she did she did not allow to live and occupy her life. I think the best thing for her and her family is for her to seek spiritual, psychological, and emotional healing. A good resource is Project Rachel.

    Regarding the attempt to create a permanent record regarding abortion:
    In 2018, Indiana passed a law (Senate Bill 340) requiring doctors to keep records on women who come to them with abortion complications/ possible abortion complications, to follow them through life, in an effort to improve patient health and safety. An online article in Salon, April 7th, 2018, written by Joanne Sweeney, appeared to be more of an editorial about the new bill. Joanne Sweeney wrote that while the law may “sound good in theory,” due to the “broadly drawn bill” it is “actually designed to punish women who have had abortions.” She writes “In addition to physical complications that could occur from any kind of surgery, such as blood clots and infection, emotional and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression are also included. Moreover, although the law requires that the symptoms must arise “from the induction or performance of an abortion,” there is no time limit on the reporting requirement and no guidance for doctors to determine whether any of these symptoms actually “arose” from an abortion. The vagueness of the requirements is even more concerning when combined with the potential punishment for failure to report the required data: up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. As a result, doctors are likely to over-report data to avoid violating the law.”
    -So the push-back against this bill which has the potential to create a permanent record of a woman’s abortion is focused on safeguarding a woman’s privacy. (Senate Bill 340 passed in Vice-President Mike Pence’s State).

    Despite words used to describe an Abortion as just a surgical procedure; it is not treated like any other surgical procedure. Even within the time frame of a woman getting an abortion, there is no follow up care after the procedure. No one calls to check up on the woman to see if she is having excessive bleeding, signs of infection such as a fever, or any other complication. There is no follow-up visit with a physician or other healthcare provider after the abortion procedure. Once the medical/surgical staff are done with her, they’re through with her. The only avenue open for a woman experiencing severe complications from an abortion is the Emergency Department.

    Many women continue to opt out of going to the Emergency Department when they are suffering complications, especially if they are trying to keep the abortion a secret. This is often the case with teenage girls living with their parents. If these teenage girls are noted to be experiencing cramping and bleeding issues at home, they will pass it off as a heavy period. The parents most likely don’t know their daughter has been sexually involved with a teenage boy or someone older, and hadn’t known she was pregnant. In many cases, especially with teenage girls, the biological father of the baby has not only pushed the biological mother of the baby to have an abortion, but obtained the money to pay for the abortion, and even arranged it. So the child in the womb suffers extreme pain while he/she is brutally killed and deprived of life. And the biological mother suffers in fear and silence, as well as shame, from the aftermath of an abortion forced upon her by coercion. Both the child and the mother are victims. (This scenario continues in New York State).

    Healthcare professionals are prevented by law from in New York State from contacting and informing parents of a teenage girl that has had an abortion and is suffering complications. Healthcare professionals by law are prevented from telling parents that their child is seeking birth control or being treated for a sexually transmitted disease. When it comes to all other aspects of healthcare, if a child is under 18, they are considered a minor and parents need to be called regarding treatment and give their consent, and also be present when applicable. If that child is under 18, and they want to get one or both ears pierced, they need a parent’s consent. BUT if that child under 18 wants to obtain birth control, be treated for a sexually transmitted disease, or obtain an abortion in New York State, they are automatically considered to have the rights that come with adulthood, and their privacy is protected. Although other states have enacted laws requiring parental consent and/or notification for abortion, New York State has continued to grant minors access to abortion without parental consent and notification, ensuring them confidentiality.

    Other states: In June 2019, for a minor’s abortion: 21 states require parental consent. 3 states require both parents consent. 8 states require the consent document to be notarized. 11 states require only parental notification. 5 states require both consent and notification. 21 states require involvement even if the child is a victim of incest.
    In 36 states, to forgo parental involvement, permission is obtained via judicial bypass where the court is petitioned. (Of course, there are opponents to these states’ legislation claiming they are youth advocates. These so-called youth advocates claim minors know what’s best for them regarding their sexual life and shouldn’t have to involve parents in their decision to have an abortion).

    For all the talk from far left liberals about a woman having the right to make a decision regarding her own body and the child in her uterus not being a baby until the mother allows he/she to be born -Then why is there such secrecy about abortion? the lack of permanent records? the lack of follow-up care following an abortion? the laws preventing healthcare professionals from contacting a parent, guardian, or contact person in the case of emergency without expressed permission from the female patient in New York States? (and other states which safeguard minors right to abortion? If they deem an abortion is an acceptable option for family planning, then why is there objection to the new bill in Indiana requiring physicians to keep permanent records to follow a woman through her lifetime if she suffered a complication from an abortion, or could have possibly suffered complications from an abortion?

    (While we are on the subject, I just want to make it clear that the term “Spontaneous Abortion” is the medical term for Miscarriage. (“Induced Abortion” is the medical term for a deliberate ending of a pregnancy and fetus’ life in the uterus). In the past, I suspect there may have been visiting clergy confused over the term “spontaneous abortion” if they had been given this diagnosis by a physician or nurse or saw it as an admitting diagnosis on a chart outside the patient’s room. And I suspect some innocent Catholic families suffered because of it. The son of one former Catholic family relayed to me that his mother and father lost a child through miscarriage in the 1950’s. His mother had been taken to the hospital and while hospitalized, began receiving visits from priests and nuns in her parish. They were not there to console her and her and her husband on their loss; they were there to chastise her for aborting her child. He stated both his parents were suffering the loss of this child but when they continued to receive ongoing accusations and chastisements from visiting priests and nuns, the situation became overwhelming and unbearable. As a result, the very devout Catholic parents with children who had been regular parishioners, left the Catholic Church. And they also continued to have animosity with the Catholic Church. and with anything or anyone associated with it.

  2. Diane Harris says:

    Christian–what a magnificent exposition of a very complex and often confusing matter! Thank you for the extensive time you took to present us all with your deep understanding. I read every word you’ve written in your reply, and will do so again. It is a poignant exposition of so many levels of harm associated with induced abortion, not only to the individuals involved, but to whole families.

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