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Sheltering in Place Revisited

March 21st, 2020, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Several people recently have suggested that I re-post the four part series on Sheltering in Place. Actually, it is still on CF, and accessible through the search toolbar under “Sheltering.” But I will give here the links to make it easier. First, however, let me please set in time when it was written. It was after the 2016 election when, although we didn’t know much about Trump, we did realize that the most likely and fearsome candidate had not won, and there was some hope in the light at the end of the tunnel that perhaps egregious persecution of Christians by such things as $100,000 fine for refusing to bake a cake, might get closer examination and rejection. So, at that point the fear of such a government had not subsided, but it was not the driving force behind the posts.

Actually, it had a greater emphasis because of what was emerging from the Vatican. Pope Francis had already been Supreme Pontiff for 4 years, and we were seeing early warnings of where we are today. Changing the Our Father, suppressing traditional orders, changing the Catechism to reject capital punishment and the infamous, “Who am I to judge?” were early warning signals which did influence what I had written. The concept of sheltering in place was as much related to threatened changes in the Faith as to malificent civil or spiritual forces. But, in truth, it wasn’t even a ‘gleam in the eye’ that it could ever pertain to a plague, a pestilence, a pandemic. Nevertheless, I offer the following links, unchanged from where they were in 2017, for ideas to use in the current quarantine.

Links to “Sheltering in Place”

  • Part I in this series began as we should begin, with the importance of our personal commitment to the Faith. Without that, how can we go any further?
  • Part II explained the importance of holding onto truth, and to the resources (many pre-Vatican II) which might someday soon cease to be available, or be distorted in their content. The emphasis was on reading materials since many electronic resources might be unavailable if the grid goes down, or if religious subjects are censored.
  • Part III was entitled “The indispensible priest” with much emphasis on the Sacrament of Confession, and the need for access to a priest who is faithful to the true Catholic faith, and to his responsibility for souls. This part actually set the foundation for:
  • Part IV  “Get the Hell Out!”  This post is about getting rid of what we don’t need, what will injure us or those close to us, avoiding anything or anyone in authority who contradicts what the Church has always taught. Of course it means eliminating our own sin, as a primary responsibility, and as discussed in Part III. But it also means identifying who or what puts our own souls at risk and then getting those elements “the hell out” of our lives, so that we may hold deeply and strongly to the Faith. 

I would analogize Part IV as akin to the Jews ridding their homes of every crumb of leaven before Passover. However long this quarantine lasts, let’s help each other to be ready and emerge from the period in ever stronger Faith.

I hope that re-posting these links will be helpful in the current situation.


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