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Lay Faithful from Austria removed the pachamamas

November 4th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

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Michael Voris interviews on camera the young man who led the rescuers of our Blessed Mother’s Carmelite Church in Rome from the pacamama presence:

“The sensation around the Pachamama idols at the Amazonian Synod generated media coverage around the world, especially when an intrepid group of young Catholic men secretly decided that they had had enough and went into the Church in Rome and took them out — and threw them into the Tiber.”

from Church Militant

Listen all the way through, especially to the rallying cry to all Catholics. “It is your heritage too.”

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2 Responses to “Lay Faithful from Austria removed the pachamamas”

  1. avatar militia says:

    I saw that Archbishop Vigano and also Bishop Schneider both called these young men “heroic.” That is wonderful, especially for other young men wondering what they might do.

  2. avatar Mary-Kathleen says:

    Dr. Taylor Marshall has a lengthy interview of Alexander Tschugguel (1 hour, 46 minutes) which is interesting throughout. “He Threw the Pachamama Idols into Tiber River”:

    A shorter video clip (14 minutes) from the interview highlights “Which Catholic Bishops Inspire You?”

    Bishop Schneider presided over Tschugguel’s marriage ceremony. He relates this story in the shorter clip, also.

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