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Blockbuster Stories on LifeSite News 11/14 & update

November 14th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Once again, LifeSite News is ‘on top’ of so many of the key stories of the moment. It is difficult to determine which ones will have the most long-lasting effect, but take a look at the top 3 candidates tonight, not so much as individual stories, but as suggesting impact. They stories are my ranking of expected importance of the themes, all of which are important in their own right.

#1 Baby Parts: While Capitol Hill is deeply involved in back-staging a remote, opinion-based impeachment scenario for a proforma coup of the 2016 election results, the real gist of heroic whistleblowing is a trial in San Francisco for the last six weeks. Now the jury begins deliberation. The results will be vital to the ongoing efforts not only to unmask the full horror of abortion, but also to guard the first amendment rights of investigative reporting. In my opinion, this case is the most important of the stories, because it is a sea-change in the moral base of the country, and of much of the world, simply by revealing Truth.  In my opinion, David Deleiden and associates do not deserve any fines or jail time; rather, they deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and I hope when the trial is over that President Trump will do just that. Also of great merit is the work of the Thomas More Society in defending Mr. Daleiden. Story is here.

PS: The adverse decision from the court today (Nov. 15th) is indeed disappointing, but it was never expected that this case would/could stop short of the US Supreme Court.  EWTN Reports:

#2 Deepening Moral Erosion in the Episcopacy:  Obviously Mr. McCarrick has been just the tip of the iceberg, with little of no accountability from high-ranking churchmen who hold the secrets of their peers. When the claim that “everybody knew” changed to “but nobody else is guilty” it signaled not the end, but the beginning, of more severe purification needed.

Hence, tonight’s release by LifeSite News shows the breadth of movement up the ladder, from rogue priest to bishops’ and cardinals’ coverup, to an uncomfortably close connection to Pope Francis. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales is on the way to demotion. Nichols was made a Cardinal by Pope Francis in 2014, and is now recognized as pressuring two bishops not to confirm certain incidents of sexual abuse. At the same time, tonight’s stories also show the increasing awareness of the laity that many bishops can’t be trusted. The headline stories:

Cardinal pressured bishops to stay quiet on abuse case so as not to harm Pope’s image

Vatican quietly stands by as UN once again vigorously pushes abortion, population control

Pro-family groups petition US bishops to stop funding pro-abortion, pro-LGBT organizations

Parents protest at cardinal’s office for approving pro-LGBT terms for Catholic schools

The key point isn’t really so much the revelation that immorality, corruption and error have crept into the hierarchy, and are reported week after week, as much as the observation that it is no longer a surprise to learn of  these failures on such massive levels. It is startling to realize that the laity now increasingly expects such stories and is hardly shocked when numerous scandals are reported. After all, they’ve just seen idolatry in the Vatican Gardens with Pope Francis attending.

The hierarchy has not been making peace with their accusers on the way to trial, but are moving even closer to paying the last penny. (Luke 12:58).

#3 Absurd claims masquerading as teaching and fact. In a saner time, Truth mattered. Today it seems that the more absurd the claim, the more pressure mounts to accept the lie or be called ‘racist’ or equivalent.

The culture has become so enamored of fiction that in some ways these stories show how distorted thinking and logic have become. People are living the fantasy and demand that others be part of their story. One example in tonight’s stories is the claim that men can get pregnant.

Another story is Bishop Strickland of Tyler, TX confronting the disordered claims with the truth. He speaks out strongly against teaching children that they can change their gender, and that anatomy doesn’t determine what gender a person is! That such things are even a matter to report is a great weakening of the ability to perceive reality and make quality decisions. Bishop Strickland has denounced as “child abuse” the “insane and evil” transgender message given to children in schools. The obvious apparently isn’t obvious enough.

LGBT mob won’t rest until Christians agree that men can get pregnant

Bishop calls LGBT indoctrination of kids ‘child abuse’: ‘We must stop this insanity’


So, what do you think? How would you rank the relative impacts, and why?

Or is there some other currently newsworthy story which you’d put in first place?




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