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Rotten Fruit of Amazon Synod heading to the communal table

October 23rd, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris


Amazon bishop calls use of indigenous rituals and statues a sin of idolatry: see here.

Many Amazon synod prelates pledge loyalty to Liberation Theology in “Catacomb Pact.”


Anyone with even a slight acquaintance with the Bible knows that the most reprehensible sins to Almighty God through the centuries were the attachment of the Chosen People to sins of idolatry, always at the expense of their relationship to God, in violation of the First Commandment. Even when the sin wasn’t imported from the enemies around them, somehow the people found a way to grow their own versions of idolatry.

Now, leaders of the 21st century Catholic Church have stepped back to admire their handiwork, especially around their serving the environment, and fallen into the same deep trap of worshiping the work of their own minds and hands.  And, deep in the trap, in profanation of the blessed relic of the holy catacombs, they take their error further, into a deliberate pledge.

One of the most significant sins, riding tandem with idolatry over the ages, was the immolation of children. Already questions have been raised about the extent of and reasons for ignoring the

infanticide in Amazonian practice. Too little resistance to abortion by Catholic leaders has set the stage for further abomination. It is astonishing how quickly the “faithful” are sorting themselves into sheep and goats, and with such deliberate intent.

When I wrote the book “Half a Dialogue” responding to Pope Francis’ invitation for input on his encyclical, Laudato Si, it began with the concern that such focus on the environment leads to pantheistic and paganistic attraction. The final book (Dec. 2015) drew heavily on these two CF Posts: and

Now we are indeed seeing the fruit of that focus on the environment, and worse. At the time I wrote “Half a Dialogue”, I tried to give Pope Francis the benefit of the doubt, and didn’t think pagan worship was the intent. But since each step has been executed with the precision of appearing pre-planned, and worsening at each step, I would rethink that benign conclusion today.

Regarding the chapter on Liberation Theology, I would also rethink the appropriateness of using a “seamless garment” as an image. Even the Old Testament makes clear under Mosaic Law (Exodus 23:3; 23:6; 30:15) that neither the rich nor the poor should have a preferential option before God or under justice. In my opinion, the words “seamless garment” (John 19:23) referring to Christ’s single piece tunic seems to have no direct implication for the poor, and seems to be more eisegesis (reading ‘into’ the Gospel text) rather than exegesis (‘taking from’ the text.)


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  1. christian says:

    I have talked with various Catholics since the opening of the Amazon Synod. There is thought among them that the outcome of the Amazon Synod will cause a schism in the Catholic Church. I also heard not only horror of the pagan rituals occurring in a Vatican garden, but it was done in the same garden where Pope Benedict XVI prays his rosary every day.

    I have also heard reference to Pope Francis as an anti-Pope and from those who respect the Chair of St. Peter. The one thing that most have voiced is we have hope because we have the knowledge that God will prevail in the end.

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