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May God bless Fr. Robert Morey

October 29th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Biden Denied

It’s about time this is a newsworthy warning to all who receive the Holy Eucharist unworthily! And many bishops wonder why the Faithful lack full belief in the Real Presence? Duuh! Maybe it’s because their pastors don’t have the guts to deny Biden and other prominents who make a sham of their ‘faith’? Or maybe it’s because those who do have the courage often incur the publicity wrath of their shepherds? More Morey!



One Response to “May God bless Fr. Robert Morey”

  1. avatar Diane Harris says:

    A week ago at this time, two friends of mine were taking a short vacation in South Carolina, just after the news broke about the courage of Fr. Robert Morey. They got up early the next morning to drive an hour and a half to attend Fr. Morey’s 7:30 AM Mass in Florence, SC and were delighted to meet him after Mass and to express their gratitude for the action he had taken with Joe Biden. It wasn’t a political thing; it was their joy that someone acted virtuously on behalf of our Eucharistic Lord. They told me how unassuming is Fr. Morey, a quiet, peaceful parish priest just doing his duty. I admire my friends for going that extra effort to express their appreciation to Fr. Morey and it reminds me that as laity it is well to remember to be grateful for our good, holy priests. We best show our gratitude by our prayers for them. God bless them, and Fr. Morey too!

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