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A Dirty Little Man with Dirty Little Thoughts

October 21st, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

It would be very difficult to say that Fr. James Martin S.J. is not obsessive about sin, especially sexual sin. He seems unable to think about anything else! While he hasn’t publicly admitted to succumbing to the sin which reflects his own clearly articulated prurient interest, one wouldn’t be surprised to see the context as a one-man pride parade. It would be laughable, were it not so serious, so dangerous to souls. In some ways he is like a smirking little boy who just discovered a new part of his body which he hadn’t noticed before.

It is as if Fr. Martin is a one-man band, or the pied piper, claiming the souls of the immature and impressionable as validation for his own shortcomings. How apt is the title ‘pied piper’, when one considers that the meaning of ‘pied’ is multicolored, and Fr. Martin often appears with the rainbow LGBT colors as a shameless admission of his errors, flouting God’s merciful promise after the flood.

The obsession of this Jesuit in pursuing what so deeply offends God’s Law should not be too surprising. Any addiction, including sexual sin, is like to drugs or alcohol, and the old adage: “The man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes the man.” It leads him to the abyss from which air-lift extraction can only come from great repentance and reparation, and an outpouring of Divine Mercy, sought and received in humility. But the allies of Satan do not tend to be humble; rather, they seek the limelight and media attention, craving the celebrity status of fools.

I had to think carefully before posting these paragraphs, since I do not in any way wish to give the Jesuit the attention he craves. But he is undisciplined by his own community, so it is fair to make a necessary point and a solicitous warning to souls who pursue his books and talks as a novelty. No, all should be avoided as near occasions of sin. To do less risks incurring a sin of collaboration with evil.

And, with this introduction, I recommend yet another exhibit of Fr. Martin’s immaturity, his allegations of same sex attraction against St. John Henry Newman:

Originally posted Oct. 18th; moved but unchanged to today, Oct. 21st, to continue comments.


20 Responses to “A Dirty Little Man with Dirty Little Thoughts”

  1. christian says:

    I was already aware of Fr. James Martin’s assertion that St. John Henry Newman was homosexual. It parallels the LBGT movement of claiming authors of poetry, short stories, and novels, and actors/actresses as homosexual if they lived alone and never married, or if a woman preferred what was termed more masculine attire, or if they shared an abode with a person of the same sex. In most, if not all of these instances, the persons in question never claimed to be homosexual. There are those of us who think it is an unfair and wild assumption, while those in the LBGT movement see as a great honor in addition to having great advocates for their cause.

    What those who make this unfounded claims do not realize, in the era where a man or woman was single and not living at home with parents, it was the religious obligation as well as the social norm, not to engage in sexual encounters before marriage, and not to live with someone of the opposite sex without benefit of marriage. If someone did not find a suitable life partner to marry or chose to remain single, they would either live alone, or share an apartment or house with someone of the same sex to share expenses and household duties, and often friendship.

  2. BigE says:

    What a crazy characterization of a man reaching out to the marginalized of our church.
    I’m sure the Pharisee’s had the same sort of reaction when Jesus sat with the sinners and lepers of his day.

  3. militia says:

    Bit E, if Fr. Martin were really reaching out to the sinful and so-called marginalized of the Church, he would be converting souls to abstinence rather than to feeling good about their sin. Christ’s words to the sinners of his day were “go and sin no more.” And what leper did he ever refuse to heal? Christ doesn’t leave the afflicted where they are. He brings them home. Fr. Martin refuses to call sin as sin and leaves the unrepentant sinner as what he is — just a sinner.

  4. christian says:

    Big E-The Church distinguishes homosexual attraction from homosexual sexual acts and lifestyle. A Catholic, (actually any Christian) should be identifying himself/herself as a person first, and one redeemed by Christ. To be a Christian is to put God first, which means following God’s commands and ways and pleasing Him.

    There are books/devotionals that are classics and included in seminary formation of Catholicism and different Christian denominations. “My Imitation of Christ” by Thomas A. Kempis, “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers are among them.

    Take a look at those titles, My Imitation of Christ, The Cost of Discipleship, and My Utmost For His Highest, and reflect on what that means for all of us.

    Years ago, I heard one pastor on the radio reflect on the title of the devotional, “My Utmost For His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. He said a lot of people have the words of the that title mixed up in their life. Instead of My Utmost For His Highest, they go by His Utmost For My Highest.
    The correct title involves adhering to God’s will and pleasing Him. The modified title involves God adhering to your will and pleasing you.

  5. BigE says:

    Our (and Fr. Martin’s) job isn’t to convert souls to abstinence. It’s to convert souls to “Christ”.
    Marginalizing them does neither.

    I agree. The utmost for God is the way to go. But God calls us all into relationship first, then in response to His love we discern His call for us. Not the other way around…..

  6. Diane Harris says:

    Converting souls to Christ means that they keep His Commandments. That means ALL His commandments. No pass is available for one’s favorite sins.

    Regarding your comment to Christian, your opinion of how God works, and the order in which He works has no meaningful biblical or traditional basis to limit how God works. Some souls may indeed be called by the reason and logic of Christian teaching, without a personal relationship with God until later. God is able to reach every soul because He created each soul and knows their need.

  7. BigE says:

    @diane harris
    No one can perfectly keep His commandments. Not me for sure. Not you either apparently.
    Calling a priest in good standing with the Church “A Dirty Little Man with Dirty Little Thoughts” is SO disrespectful. Do you get a pass on that?
    “But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.” (Matthew 5:22)

  8. Diane Harris says:

    Christ was angry when He cleansed the temple; there is a justifiable anger, especially toward the actions of the person who puts souls at risk. As for the rest of your biblical quote, I didn’t call Fr. Martin a ‘fool;’ he actually is incredibly clever. And it is too bad that we live in an age where expressing the truth toward someone who is sinning is seen as an insult. Rather, God’s words to Ezechiel are closer to the mark: “Eze 33:8-9 “When I say to the wicked, ‘You wicked person, you will surely die,’ and you do not speak out to dissuade them from their ways, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. [God has spoken in His Holy Word very clearly about the sin of homosexual activity.]But if you do warn the wicked person to turn from their ways and they do not do so, they will die for their sin, though you yourself will be saved.”

    We have an obligation to speak the truth, for the good of our own souls, the souls of sinners who are warned and the good of souls whom they endanger.

  9. BigE says:

    @Diane Harris
    You seem to have missed my point.
    1) I have absolutely no problem with you (or Bishops, or anyone for that matter) challenging Fr. Martin’s views and/or calling him out. I have zero problem with you expressing your truth and questioning his.
    2) I do have a problem with the way you did it. No, you didn’t call Fr. Martin “a fool”; but you did call him a “dirty little man with dirty little thoughts” (worse in my opinion). Totally uncalled for and disrespectful for ANY Priest in our Church who is good standing. Can you see that? You seemed to have glossed over the biblical part of my quote which said “whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council”.
    3) And yes, Jesus cleansed the Temple. But of course there’s a big difference; Jesus is God and we’re NOT. His judgement (of people) is perfect. Ours isn’t. That’s probably why Jesus constantly tells us not to judge folks. Should we judge ideas, truths, and lies – yes, always. But judge people…never. So yes, no doubt anger can be righteous. However, name calling, insults, and innuendo ARE NOT.

    James 4: 11,12 – “Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you – who are you to judge your neighbor?”

  10. Diane Harris says:

    Big E,
    Starting with the end of your comments, your allegation by quoting James 4 is to accuse me of slander. Slander by definition is based on a lie, as is libel. I have not lied; therefore, I have not slandered or libeled. I have written the truth, sometimes in more colorful or challenging language than you personally approve. What was Christ doing when He called the Pharisees ‘whitened sepulchers?” Yes, I know, He is God. Therefore He has not sinned. That’s my point as well.

    The favorite quote of those who embrace their own personal sins, especially sexual sins, is ‘judge Not.’ But rendering an opinion is not judging. Judging is sending someone to hell; that is Christ’s to do as the final judge. We are told to discern the spirits; we are told to correct a brother and sister and to warn others of risks to their souls. That’s what I’ve done. You don’t like it. I get that too. You are entitled to your opinion, but it sounds like (under your definition) you are judging me. Hmmmm….

    You point out that insulting a brother means being subject to the council. Would that be the same council that spit in Jesus’ face? What we are commanded to do is to love each other. To warn another is greater love than to ignore their violation of God’s Commandments. If they don’t listen to the Church (and challenge the Deposit of the Faith) then we are to cut them off, and treat as a non-believer, are we not? You repeat about Fr. Martin’s being a priest in good standing. So was Arius. And wasn’t it St. Nicholas who punched him in the nose?

    We have such a sinful world because people who do see the sin are unwilling to call it out, are intimidated by the demand of political correctness and are worried about acting imperfectly. In short, ‘nice’ Catholics just don’t see sin, let alone id the perp.

  11. BigE says:

    @Diane Harris
    So in your Christian world – name calling, insults, and innuendo are justified. How very sad.
    Yes, give me the “nice” Catholics all day long.

  12. Diane Harris says:

    @ Big E
    Nope. I deny the allegations and I deny the alligator. Truth matters to me. And now we know that “nice” matters to you. We disagree. End of story.

  13. christian says:

    Big E-You state Fr. James Martin is a priest in good standing. Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated he was a Catholic in good standing. In good standing? If a Catholic propagates and endorses a view, teaching, way of life, or action in conflict with deposit of faith handed down through the ages and scripture, they have put themselves in unfavorable standing with the Catholic Church, despite not being censured by the Catholic Church or receiving Ex-Communication.

    From reports of the Lavender Mafia in Rome and some of their actions, to the cover-up of sexual abuse by prelates, to the pagan artifacts and pagan rituals being conducted at the Vatican, those who have gone against the commandments and way of God have put themselves in unfavorable standing with God. One should think above all else, where they stand with God.

    Scripture and Catechism have been given to us as guidelines and a moral compass to live our lives. We have been given the Holy Spirit to empower us and to help us with discernment as well as courage to do what is morally and ethically right within God’s will. (Remember the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit?) We are given a conscience which will disturb us if we have felt and thought we have somehow missed the target of pleasing God by something we have done or said, or something we haven’t said or done. We are also given the gift of repentance and forgiveness. We have the opportunity to go to Confession/Reconcilation and receive the Sacrament of Reconcilation, receiving Absolution for our sins. Through repentance/contrition and God’s forgiveness, we can be at One with God.

    But you have to know the correct teaching and have the correct moral compass to know when you have sinned or are in sin. Advocating and Propagating a way of life which is contrary to the Will of God is not a kindness or charity to especially those who find themselves with same-sex attraction. (Ubi caritas, Deus ibi est).

    Years ago, there was a priest in the Diocese of Syracuse whose interview with a reporter about being homosexual was published in the local newspaper where he resided. (Part of his article was published in Bishop Accountability). This priest stated that he had already announced it at Mass and other venues, and now wanted it to be put in print. He relayed how his congregation was accepting of him as well as supportive. He also relayed how parish staff and diocesan officials that he had spoken with had also been accepting and supportive of him being homosexual. BUT-here is the part which really shocked me! He stated that homosexual priests should not have to adhere to their vow of celibacy! He expounded further on that topic. He stated that celibacy should be optional for homosexual priests! He stated that he was supportive of homosexual priests who who have chosen to not keep their vow of celibacy! He added that he had personally chosen to keep his vow of celibacy. He indicated it was a personal decision. (Those with homosexual orientation are not the only ones who have to pick obedience to God’s will over their own wants and desires).

    Everyone is expected to be chaste. For a person in the single state, it means refraining from sexual relations, for a married person, it means confining sexual relations to your spouse. In the Roman Catholic celibate priesthood, celibacy means even more than not having sexual relations. It means not having an exclusive relationship with another person, particularly of a romantic nature, and not having the responsibilities of supporting a family financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It means being completely free to serve others. (I certainly am not putting down married priests as I think they have something unique to offer. I am only defining accurately what it means to be a celibate priest).

    Fr. F. D.’s words which were from a priest, a person in church authority, were in contrast to Church Teaching. So the message that Fr. F. D. was implying was that heterosexual priests should have to keep their vow of celibacy, but homosexual priests shouldn’t have to keep their vow of celibacy. So who are these non-celibate homosexual priests having sexual relations/possibly romantic relations with? Since they are in a position of spiritual authority and power, any parishioner or someone of the Catholic faith, actually even someone not of the same denomination or faith, would be considered their spiritual children and subordinates. (Part of Fr. F. D.’s article was noted in Bishops Accountability).

  14. BigE says:

    All fine and well.
    As I said before, I have no problem with someone challenging another.
    However, there is NO excuse for name calling, insults and innuendo’s.
    All of which Diane thinks is ok in the name of “truth”.

  15. Diane Harris says:

    Oh, Big E. I have given you plenty of opportunity to back out of where you keep heading. Do you not realize that your ad hominem attacks on me use “name calling, insults and innuendo’s [sic]” against me to assert your contrary opinions? I have already rejected your accusations and I do get that we disagree on the use of NYT’s headlines vs the tabloids, but there are limits on how far you can use this site to bully people who don’t agree with you. Reread what Christian has been saying. It is a very kind approach to teaching you on these matters.

  16. BigE says:

    @Diane Harris
    1) Calling someone “a dirty little man” = an insult and is name calling
    2) Saying someone has a “dirty little mind” = an insult and is name calling.
    3) Saying “While he hasn’t publicly admitted to succumbing to the sin….one wouldn’t be surprised to see the context as a one-man pride parade” = innuendo of his sexual orientation.
    What exactly would you call your statements above?

  17. christian says:

    I wondered what Fr. James Martin had to say about the rosary and eucharistic adoration, so I googled his name in regard to these two topics.

    Among the articles I read on Fr. James Martin S.J. on the rosary, was a blog entitled “Vatican Consultant Fr. James Martin Promotes Pro-LBGT Rosary” by Michael W. Chapman, Dec. 7th, 2018, on The article states that he is promoting a new type of rosary called “Rosary of Modern Sorrows.”

    “Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin, an American who pushes a pro-LGBT agenda in the Catholic Church and who was made a consultant to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications by Pope Francis, is now promoting a rosary (prayer beads) that includes a “rainbow” fifth decade for people to pray “for LGBT couples, their children, and extended families.””

    “On the fifth decade (rainbow), it states: “We Pray for a welcoming of LGBTQ people by all churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. We Pray for LGBT couples, their children, and extended families. We Pray that they may be supported and loved, with full acceptance as people truly created in the image of God, a creation that God saw as ‘good,” and who deserve to live every aspect of life to the fullest.””

    Regarding Eucharistic Adoration: Fr. James Martin S.J. is noted on the Internet as having shared an article on Eucharistic Adoration on Facebook. In his caption, he quoted the author of the article, Jeffrey Essmann, “My first prayer—and pretty much my last. The rest of that night, if I said anything, I pretty much just said the name of Jesus. It seemed enough. It still does.”

    Eucharistic Adoration by nature, is quiet prayer and reflection. It appears that Fr. James Martin S.J. has been advocating his LBGT cause in Catholic private devotion by promoting “Rosary of Modern Sorrow” over the traditional rosary. It would appear that his LBGT cause is involved in every aspect of his private and public devotion and ministry.

  18. Diane Harris says:

    More @Big E

    We obviously are going to keep disagreeing, so I will soon be shutting down the responses. Why? Because it makes boring reading, and with all the crises facing the Church and her members, most of us have much better use to make of our time. Moreover, I’ve already replied to your accusations, and I don’t need to repeat.

    For the record, we disagree. Fr. Martin is a public figure, and I am of the opinion that the simple descriptives I’ve used are accurate and understandable by most Catholics whose faith is being subverted by Fr. Martin’s actions and theories, especially as it has now driven him into disagreeing with the Bible! And into actually alleging that the Bible is wrong! Thus is the progress of unmitigated and unchecked error.

    At this point I will leave just a small sampling of the writings of others, rather than myself, speaking for characterization of Fr. Martin (how sad I feel for all the other Fr. Martins of the Church!)…

    As you read through these articles, maybe you will actually prefer the characterizations of Fr. Martin by others. Perhaps there is some other word you’d prefer I had used, or you would use yourself, instead of ‘dirty.’ Here are some which are used in the following posts, or adjectival variations of the vocabulary used, most of which are from 2019: “perfidious, obsessive, false, wrong, dangerous, undisciplined, tawdry, confusing, deceptive, immoral, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, sinful, scandalous, sacrilegious, defiant, blasphemous, false teacher, lying prophet, distorter….” AND THESE ARE ALMOST ALL FROM CATHOLIC MEDIA.

    What adjective would you defend? Which would you prefer to replace ‘dirty,’ which conveys also the sense of disgust, being tainted by even having to read and think about this subject? “Dirty” really doesn’t look particularly far off base. But the essence of ‘dirty’ is deliberately chosen sinfulness against God’s teaching, for which we so often beg to be made clean by God’s forgiveness and mercy. Here are just a few recent articles with word-choices describing the “celebrity” Fr. James Martin:

    LIfesite News headlines: “It’s wrong for pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin to make gay reference to John Henry Newman” (and to maliciously detract from the glory of his canonization, I would add.)
    Excerpt: “If I ever have the opportunity to meet Fr. Martin, I would like to ask him a few questions,” said TFP Student Action director, John Ritchie. “First: What did Fr. Martin do to effectively oppose the legalization of same-sex ‘marriage’ in America? Second: How many souls did Fr. Martin rescue from the slavery of homosexual sin? And third: As children are being groomed by Drag Queen Story Hoursacross the county, why is Fr. Martin silent?”

    Excerpt: “There is perhaps no greater manifestation of such “diabolical disorientation” in the world and Church today than the so-called “LGBT” movement, which Bishop Athanasius Schneider has rightly called a “neo-Marxist dictatorship” that breeds “a kind of apostasy from the Christian faith.”[3] Longtime CFN editor John Vennari(R.I.P.) likewise spoke out against the dangers of the movement, exposing its detailed plan for winning over public opinion through subversion.”

    And, don’t forget the latest, “Oh, Jimmy” by Church Militant, writing about “evil” Jim Martin, and more, here:

  19. Diane Harris says:

    From Revelation: 22:10-12

    “And he said to me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy. Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense, to repay every one for what he has done.”

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