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Hijacking the Vocabulary

September 10th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Language Matters

We saw it with “pro-choice”…. the hijacking of the word “choice”. Who could oppose choice? freedom? Meanwhile, the “Politically Correct” committees  put down using words like killing, murder, homicide etc. Yet those were words accurately expressing the reality of abortion.

Then homosexual “marriage” usurped the sacred Sacrament of Matrimony. It’s all about love, right? Love is a good thing, right? Christ said to love each other, didn’t He? How can we interfere with people who love each other? Except that remaining silent on sin is a betrayal of those whose sins our silence condones and a danger to our own souls.

But “Judge not” is freely quoted to undermine our very duties of discernment. Obey the bible: Judge not! In other words don’t point out the sin; let others have parades for their sin! And risk losing our own souls for not pointing out the sin?

Transgenderism has begun to oppose Genesis: “Male and female He created them.” Watch out for “rewriting Genesis” or rewriting the Catechism. Preachers are about to be censured for quoting Genesis, as they were in some countries (Sweden, e.g.) for preaching Chapter 1 of Romans.

Euthanasia is about to take off with words like choice, dignity, free will, all to hide the abomination. Capital punishment was suspended in many states because the drugs were considered excessively painful and nothing else was available! Since nothing else was available, what in the world will those to be euthanized be receiving?

When will we learn that there is no substitute for truth?  That there is no place to hide? No nice words to cover the horror of sin, especially the final sin from which there is no return to confess and be absolved?

One of the Emerging Lies is Regarding the Amazon Synod

Inaction on speaking the truth now leads to a new abomination, and this one is being perpetrated within the Catholic Church, which should be a bastion of TRUTH. We must not be drawn into this one by the “language” being used. We are beginning to see language pre-Amazon Synod stating that in the Amazon “Deacons are saying Mass.”

No, no! A thousand times “No.” Deacons may be imitating the Mass, acting out a Mass, but it is impossible  for them (or for a woman, or anyone not ordained as a Catholic priest) to “say Mass”. We must be very careful not to use their language for the very essence of such a statement would be our witnessing and corroboration of a lie. If deacons are going through the motions of a Mass, what the people are receiving at Communion is just bread and wine, just as they would receive in a Protestant Church. They would not be receiving Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Himself. We must not abet such an abomination with our words, even used to reflect our horror.


We must not even say such words to each other as “Deacons are saying Mass.” Let us be very, very careful, lest our own words leverage destruction of truth.  May I have some “Amens” on this, please?


Encouraging words from tonight’s Liturgy of the Hours:

From Psalm 125:

The sceptre of the wicked shall not rest
  upon the inheritance of the just;
lest the just themselves stretch out their hands
  and turn to wickedness.

4 Responses to “Hijacking the Vocabulary”

  1. avatar christian says:

    I have never heard anyone refer to a Deacon “saying Mass.” Deacons and Pastoral Associates have been referred to as conducting “A Prayer Service,” “Communion Service,” or a “Liturgy where Communion will be administered or made available.” The Communion hosts are already consecrated.

    Your wording about “choice” is well taken. “Pro” which is usually the prefix or beginning of a word associated with a positive attribute, “Choice” which is associated with freedom, hides the reality of denying someone else’s freedom and right to life. Pro-choice is not positive and it is not freedom; it is murder.

  2. avatar militia says:

    I think this is another example. Tonight Life Site had the headline “New Australian law forces priests to break seal of confession.” My argument is with the word “forced”. Priests have been martyred for refusal to break the seal of confession. They refused. Nobody can “force” another person to sin. I wouldn’t argue with “try to force” but I don’t think it should be implied that enough “pressure” on a priest can “force” him to break the seal of confession.

  3. avatar christian says:

    Thank you for posting the link to the article. I read it and I can understand your concern. I think all faithful Catholics should be concerned.

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