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Returning the Blessed Sacrament to a Rightful Throne

September 15th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

During the past year we have been made aware of four churches in the Diocese of Rochester where the pastors have returned the Blessed Sacrament to a rightful and proper throne in the center of the Sanctuary, in a high and dignified position. If there are more locations, please let us know, and we will celebrate those as well! Here is the count we have for the last 12 months:

St. Mary Canandaigua is a particularly welcome restoration from the small marble inset under the statue of the Blessed Mother in a side altar, where it had been for many years. What had been particularly disturbing in more recent times was that the original location, which the Tabernacle had occupied, had become an empty space and a constant reminder of what belonged in that very space. It even became a temptation to misuse the space.

A few years ago, under a prior pastor, parishioners had to fight to get a fig tree (ficus) removed from that very space, during Lent of all seasons! How ironic it was! Christ Himself had cursed the fig tree! (Mark Chapter 11.) Worse, the arrival of the fig tree caused the Crucifix to be removed. Such lapses somehow don’t seem merely coincidental. That pastor and his Parochial Vicar had been adamant until their hearts were somehow ‘changed’ by Bishop Matano. 

For the recent refurbishing, the Tabernacle had been moved to the chapel and, so, was immediately available for reinstallation and exaltation. There were many refurbishings accomplished at the same time, at St. Mary’s Church in the parish of St. Benedict, but moving the Tabernacle to where it belonged was surely the most significant. Now, ensconced on a full-size high altar, where decades of Latin Masses had been offered, it hopefully awaits priests who can reactivate the Mass of the Centuries.

Left: Abomination in the place where Christ belongs.

Right: Refurbished high altar with Tabernacle.

Three other churches in the Rochester Diocese have returned the Tabernacle to the center of the Sanctuary in the past year, although they do not have high altars for celebration ad orientem (yet?) In alphabetical order, they are St. Jerome in East Rochester, St. Paul of the Cross in Honeoye Falls, and St. Theodore in Gates. God bless all the priests who have been moved to move their Tabernacles to more prominent and respectful positions.

St. Jerome Church








St. Paul of the Cross Church








St. Theodore Church








Let’s pray for great reverence for our Tabernacled Lord,

as we seek His help in the current crises.



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