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New First Saturday Latin Mass

September 30th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

NOTE NEW SITE!   For one of the very few times (if any) since the 1960’s, a Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass) will be offered at St. Dominic Church in Shortsville, NY.  (A few miles south of Thruway Exit 43).

The Mass will be held on the First Saturday of October, the 5th, at 10:00 AM and the celebrant is to be the Pastor, Father Peter Van Lieshout.

First time visitors to St. Dominic often take special note of the beautiful alcove depicting the Blessed Mother giving the Rosary as a devotion for St. Dominic.  What a special site in the Month of the Rosary!

NOTE ALSO: One comment mentions the need for an altar rail, and we continue to pray for that to happen soon. Meanwhile, Communion will still be distributed, on the tongue, to attendees kneeling on the kneelers (or, more accurately, on the prie dieu).


4 Responses to “New First Saturday Latin Mass”

  1. avatar spenceherendeen says:

    This is truly a wonderful opportunity! This is a beautifully constructed church & has become even more so with the slight renovation to the sanctuary. As this is my home church/parish, I am slightly biased but the Lord has also given me the grace of having all my initial sacraments in this church: from Baptism through Holy Matrimony.

    Hopefully, this will spur the congregation into requesting an altar rail for the church! I always look at the floor of the sanctuary where you can see where the old one was and it always reminds me of what used to be there.

  2. avatar Diane Harris says:

    What joy to attend the first Latin Mass celebrated at St. Dominic’s in a very long time! The renewed sanctuary was an arms-open witness to reverence and care. While my first thought and description was joy, later I realized there was more. It was a comfort to the heart seeking restoration of all that is Catholic. And Father’s explanation of that which is veiled, like the whispered words of consecration, gave a very special understanding! The Traditional Mass is indeed a comfort in such times as these.

  3. avatar raymondfrice says:

    I really miss the vigil lights and the Infant of Prague. There is the story of the woman who was so impressed by the Infant of Prague that she wondered if he would ever be canonized.

  4. avatar Diane Harris says:

    First Saturday Nov. 2, 2019
    There will again be a First Saturday Latin Mass at St. Dominic’s in Shortsville, NY which will be celebrated by Fr. Peter Van Lieshout, pastor, at 10:00 AM.

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