WARNING: Msgr. Vigano, 57, has been serving as an adviser to the Vatican communications department since March 2018, when he stepped down as prefect of what was then the Secretariat for Communications. Less than a year and a half later, he is appointed to a NEW position, seemingly created just for him, as vice chancellor in charge of the communications sector of the sciences and social sciences pontifical academies. One has to ask “Just what will an acknowledged distorter of communications, not above mis-representing the words and intent of a prior pope, going to work on in his new assignment? My personal guess is Climate Change, which is frequently being debunked by scientists who are increasingly willing to speak the truth. (The Michael Mann Hockey Stick, for those who follow these things, was just rejected in Vancouver Courts on August 19.) That may have tolled a death knell for any credibility climate change might have had, triggering the rapid August 31 declaration of Msgr. Vigano’s new position.

Why is plastic in the ocean so important to Pope Francis that it seems to trump Vatican attention to the migration out of Catholicism, loss of belief in the Real Presence, abortion, homosexual / transgender / contraceptive cultures, clerical sexual abuse, and the emerging threat of euthanasia, which is fast transitioning to elder murder? The reason, in my opinion, is a priority of converting the world to an idolatry of the environment, IN PLACE OF Christ Himself. And Pope Francis therefore, given the role he has taken on through Laudato Si, and frequent public comment, has to keep the preoccupation with environment as the key issue. Having a monsignor willing to shape “truth” to the agenda, Pope Francis has reappointed and reanointed a man willing to manufacture ‘truth.’ It’s just my opinion, but consistent with what I previously have written on Cleansing Fire in 2015, and in the book criticizing Laudato Si, “Half a Dialogue.” I am not changing my position that global warming is a hoax, and that Laudato Si is a set-up for the end times. It’s all about souls. And not about distorting truth.

See: https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2019-8-26-michael-mann-hockey-stick-update-now-definitively-proven-to-be-fraud

Here is an example of how Google aids and abets untruth, into a political agenda. And it is right in line with how Msgr. Vigano doctored Pope Benedict’s letter. In a search for Michael Mann, Vancouver and hockey stick, I found Google presenting the title as “Michael Mann hockey stick update now definitively proven ___,” leaving out the last three words “to be fraud.”  It’s an open manhole; we’ve been warned.