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Another bridge too far: Pope Francis says “Obey the UN”

September 22nd, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Breaking 9/24: Pope invites pro-abortion UN leaders to Amazon Synod

Breaking 9/24: US and 18 other nations tell UN there is NO International Right to Abortion

It is well worth listening to Michael Matt of the Remnant News unveiling the very real battle to which we are being called. There may be a few cringe-worthy moments, even rudeness, but it is a genuine rallying cry that demands a response. We don’t obey the UN, purveyor of abortion and contraception worldwide, champion of sustaining the planet but not the soul. No, we are called to obey Jesus Christ, and Him only do we serve.

Matt was one of the few early perceivers of the warning signs of the irregularities since 2013. He even scared those who believed and those who preached that the laity’s role could only be implemented through quiet prayer on the sidelines. Yes, that is necessary. But are we not called to pray as if everything depends on God, AND to work as if everything depends on us? How many Catholics in the pew still have family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who have no idea of what that Catholic believes because it is kept as a personal secret! There is an expression that those who try to keep their faith a secret will either lose their faith, or lose the secret.

Matt’s voice should be heard by the Church Militant. Remember the effort post-Vatican II to change our name to “Pilgrim Church?” Nice, obedient trekkers. Michael Voris noticed the availability of the title Church Militant and used it when his using “Catholic” was squashed. His bold action reminded me of Abraham Lincoln’s note to the stymied General McClellan, who prepared, planned, postponed and punted. In one of the biographies of McClellan, we read that “… Lincoln was so frustrated at McClellan’s failure to act that he sent the general a telegram that read, “If  General McClellan does not want to use the Army I would like to borrow it for a time….”  Was not Voris saying, in effect, “If the Church is not using the ‘Church Militant’ title, I will”?

Lincoln also had written to McClellan: “I beg to assure you that I have never written you, or spoken to you, in greater kindness of feeling than now, nor with a fuller purpose to sustain you, so far as in my most anxious judgment, I consistently can. But you must act.”

So too, the laity must act. One wonders “What are they who are most uncomfortable with Matt and/or Voris doing in the present crises with the means each has available?” Maximillian Kolbe wrote newsletters and pamphlets long before he offered himself up at Auschwitz. Getting educated on the current need is a beginning step.

The last seven minutes of Matt’s righteous rant are the most telling and provocative. Click the link under Matt’s picture, and scroll down on the linked article for the start arrow.

                                    Michael Matt’s Call for Defense of the Church 


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