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Further Information on Priests’ Assignments: Fr. Ring

June 15th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Fr. Ring returns to Rochester

The following information appears on the June 16th front page of the bulletin for St. Louis Pittsford, written by temporary administrator Fr. Bob Kennedy. It has been appended to the original post on Priest Assignments for the sake of completeness there. It is also added here since it might otherwise be overlooked, as it isn’t in the diocesan summary.

“… another word on Father Bob Ring. He has been back in the diocese for a couple of weeks now, and is awaiting an assignment from Bishop Matano. In my conversations with him, he seems to have benefitted greatly from his time away, and is eager to return to ministry full-time. The prayers, cards and letters sent his way by many of you have gone far in helping his good spirits and the healing he is seeking. Thank you for continuing to minister to him. Christ’s peace to you, Father Bob Kennedy”


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