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Charles Lwanga and Companions

June 3rd, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

A post last month mentioned the Ugandan martyrs as possible intercessors for the Church and for victims of sexual abuse. To better see the connection between the issue of active homosexuality and the intrusion of clericalism, it seemed helpful to understand the situation of the Ugandan martyrs, Charles Lwanga and companions.

Discreet writings, appropriate to their times and situation, indicate that the private sin of the King, sins implicitly homosexual in nature, was frustrated by Lwanga’s shielding and counseling the young men to hold strong as Christians and to resist the king. Could any “clericalism” have the impact or trepidation associated with saying ‘no’ to an earthly and sadistic king with limitless power over life and death? Yes, and more, when it is destruction of the soul.

The resistance of the martyrs would not have been necessary if not for the private sexual sin of that king, and his willingness to abuse the young and vulnerable for his pleasure. 

Thus, clericalism in the Church would have no need to be faced and contradicted, were it not for the wanton sin of those in power. Yes, it is both the sin and the willfulness of the sinner.


Today, June 3, is the feast day of Charles Lwanga and his companions, a good time to pray for help in the current crisis of sexual abuse.

June 3rd is the day they were burned to death in 1886.

They are already patron saints for converts and for torture victims.

Their blood watered the seed of the current and growing Church in Africa.

May our prayer for their intercession help to guard the Church in her current trials, and to protect the victims.



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  1. avatar Mary-Kathleen says:

    This is a link to Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s blog post which shows an actual photograph of the 20 Ugandan martyrs:

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