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Ticker Posts — May, 2019

May 17th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

This post is provided for those who would like to comment on stories that run on the ticker during May, or suggest a whole new topic for discussion! Please make yourself ‘at home’ in the ticker post discussions. 

NEW:  From the National Catholic Register, May 21, 2019

                                                                                 Author: Edward Pentin


Posted 5/12; supplemented 5/16/19:


Pope Emeritus Benedict gave his views about the sexual abuse in the Church in a personal letter published in a German monthly sent to Bavarian clergy. Link is:

Then The Catholic Thing published excerpts from  Pope Emeritus Benedict’s letter which also appeared to answer all five Dubia questions, which Pope Francis had repeatedly refused to answer. See:  The answers apparently are: no, yes, yes, yes and yes. It would appear that the Pope Emeritus is breaking some new ground for Emeriti of the future — there comes a point (even for the laity) at which, no matter how obedient one strives to be, to say nothing would be neglectful of duty, and sometimes can even be a scandalous abstention.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s carefully worded text seems to delineate  that 1) he gave his “notes” to Pope Francis before the Sex Abuse Synod, 2) the notes were not used, and 3) on an extremely modest basis the notes were then published (for the record?) in a German monthly, an almost arcane periodical. But no matter how humble a Pope Emeritus is, he cannot help but be noticed.  It were almost  as if a starting “signal” had been given (whether intended or not) because 20 days later, i.e. 9 days after Easter Sunday, the 19 theologians’ heresy concerns were being read worldwide, as if those scholarly theologians were waiting, just waiting, for some sort of permission to rock the barque.

Added 5/17:

The loyalty to the Catholic Faith of the German-born Josef Ratzinger is in interesting and superior contrast to the German(ic) bishops’ agenda  which is focused consistently on taking extreme liberal positions. By German(ic), I mean not only from Germany but also from countries greatly influenced by the German Church; e.g. Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland etc. 

Two additional ‘ticker’ articles, just posted, highlight that comparison. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer – the successor of Cardinal Gerhard Müller in Regensburg – has again opposed the decision of a majority of German bishops to start “synodal” discussion about the Church’s sexual morality and priestly celibacy. Bp. Voderholzer clearly sees the risk of devolving “Church” to voting on which doctrines are popular or not. That a majority of the German bishops would ever consider (let alone vote for) such action is a break from the Oneness to which we are called, and flaunts an unjust accommodation of the egos of the prelates. Christ then becomes just one more voice at the table, one extra vote in the decision making. Read ‘the rest of the story’ here:

Among other Germanic errors and inconsistencies is the bishops’ accommodation of women who think themselves ‘above’ the Church. In their most recent silliness is their pandering to the not-so-veiled exploitation of the sex abuse crisis to call attention to their demand for ordination of women. And the complicit hierarchy in Germany has permissively accepted the women’s boycotting Mass and even refusing to enter a Church for a week, including on Sunday, thus abetting those women in deliberately committing a mortal sin.  Clearly, the bishops don’t see what they can offer for healing, teaching, governing or sanctifying, especially through the Sacraments, as having any benefit for the alleged overaught Catholic women (which doesn’t say much for the value offered spiritually by the bishops). The story is here:

Aren’t the bishops worried about losing the Sunday collections? Of course not. In Germany the government collects the Church offerings (a mandatory contribution by members) and last year the collection on behalf of Churches amounted to 6 Billion Euros. Yes, you read that right! So why would the bishops care if Catholics come to Mass or not? Google “Bishop of Bling” to learn more about how a German bishop spent $43 million renovating his house/ While publicly chided, a year later he had a cushy job in the Vatican.

In my opinion, German(ic) Bishops have too much money, too much time on their hands, too little accountability and have lost their way completely. At every wild suggestion for change in the Church a German(ic) bishop, or two or three, can be found clogging communications, and self-aggrandizing themselves. (Remember Cardinal Kasper’s globe hopping to promote Catholic Communion for adulterous Lutherans!)

Can we even begin to imagine Cardinal Ratzinger’s condoning women’s boycotting Mass because of somebody else’s sins? or because their feelings are hurt that they can’t be priests? I don’t believe Cardinal Ratzinger would have handed out “get out of Mass free” cards to stop the pouting!  Even considering the possibility leads directly to what is not being said. The German Church leaders have been a thorn in Pope Benedict’s side for a long time. It is only partially attributable to genuine differences of opinion or brotherly jousting. Someday, I expect it will be unmasked as a deep and abiding envy that Cardinal Ratzinger (and not one of them) was  elevated to Vicar of Christ. And then — think of it– almost even the more insulting to the power mongers — that Pope Benedict was able to step down and away for the glamour and power of something for which, some at least, would have sold their souls! But it is not over yet. The Lord will not be mocked. 

The Impetus of Easter

There is ‘something’ about the Easter Season, and about necessarily accepting what must be done, successful or not, regardless of the odds. There is a time to go to the Cross. I am reminded of the Easter Rebellion for a free Ireland, called to arms on Easter Monday in 1916, with the call “The moon is rising tonight” (there is always a full moon around Easter.) On our own shores, Concord Bridge occurred three days after Easter on April 19, 1775. Was the Pope Emeritus’ missive which brought forward the first 19 theologians also a “Shot heard ’round the world?” Is it possible he is now to be a warrior in the battle? In his recent writing, the Pope Emeritus has picked up the superior weaponry of his high office — the two edged sword of the Word of God. One does not ‘sit out’ a spiritual war, whether kings or foot soldiers, without inviting worse to happen.

In that regard, we remember King David and how we are told twice in the bible of his having stayed home from war. In 2 Samuel 11:1 we read: “In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.” 

We read similar text in 1 Chronicles 20:1. David stayed away from the battle and got into worse trouble by shirking his military duties, napping, and then ogling Bathsheba bathing on her roof. The result? Two deaths, estrangement from God, and punishment upon the people. If we believe that we are in a spiritual war, how can anything justify our ‘sitting it out’?


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    Announced at yesterday’s SKT-LMC mass: Fr. Lance Gonyo of St. Rita’s (Webster) has been appointed as pastor of St. Kateri Irondequoit, beginning at some point in June.

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