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Ticker Posts — April 2019

April 8th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

This post is provided for those who would like to comment on stories that run on the ticker during April. Serious NEW subjects related to the ticker may be added as ‘comments,’ and might be moved to this post text or be a new post, if space allows. Or suggest a whole new topic!

PF and the Foot Thingy

I can’t go any longer without saying I am TOTALLY grossed out by PF and the Foot Thingy. One of the Holy Father’s first acts in office was to go to a prison and not only perform the traditional ┬áHoly Thursday washing of men’s feet (did Christ only wash one or both?) but he included Moslems and women in the RITE (remember when THAT scandalized us?) Well now we have the shoe thingy with the foot thingy and just in time for Holy Week….!I am so outraged with the point this makes to the world. Bad enough in China to have so little respect for the upcoming victims that they are fodder for Vatican politics, but this totally pointless exhibition defies understanding. I have done a lot of international business and travel and there is NO WAY this builds bridges. He just worshiped them… on his knees… like they do in prayer to Allah every day. But they take their shoes off, b/c the bottom of the shoe is offensive to see in their culture. I’ve been looking at the pictures — did PF leave his shoes ON? I can’t tell. Yikes …. then it was an insult (and if he didn’t, well no harm in letting our readers know in case anyone plans to try this stuff at a local School Board meeting!)

Peace, honest.

PS — just found it on Remnant…. see link on the Ticker…. PF is wearing shoes AND he flashes the bottom of the shoe… totally uncool. Actually offensive to Moslems…. Vatican needs a culture consultant as well as ‘counseling.” Somebody say this didn’t really happen, puleeze!

What do we have to look forward to this week? I don’t know but he said Mass on Good Friday his first or second year as Pope. Anything could happen.



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  1. Diane Harris says:

    Added to the Ticker today, Holy Saturday, is the announcement from France of the appointment of a 5 Star General, reportedly a devout Catholic, to head up the rebuilding effort at Notre Dame Cathedral de Paris. Church Militant carried the story and provided a look at the General’s military reception in the US. Do watch the short video if you get the chance. Warning: May give you shivers of patriotic pride.

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