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Notre Dame — what has God permitted to happen?

April 16th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Obviously, I’ve been choosing and posting some very dramatic pictures the last two days (4/15 and /16) showing the massive impact of the fiery destruction on Notre Dame Cathedral. I was surprised, less than 24 hours later, to see how much had been spared. It looks like some protective shield was in place, directing the collapse of the roof, protecting beautiful statuary, and of course the rescue of — not the “Crown of Thorns and the Eucharist”– but the rescue of the “Eucharist (in first prominence), and of the Crown of Thorns”. Yes, the Eucharist is confected over and over again and there is only one Crown of Thorns, but that is not the point. The Eucharist is Christ’s own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and, precious as are the relics, they are still secondary to the Son of God.

In considering this order of priority or prominence, reflecting on the Notre Dame scene raises yet another point. Beautiful as was the Notre Dame Cathedral, from every point of view — art and architecture, history and testimony — at the very heart of the Faith in France, it is also incredible to think that the loss of all of that grandeur, with only ash remaining the next day, would be still worth less than one soul. Isn’t that hard to absorb? If one soul were to turn back to God as a result of such destruction, it would be worth it? Really! Rather puts a keen perspective on Calvary during Holy Week, doesn’t it?

We don’t know yet what caused the fire. Perhaps it was careless work on the repairs, or a piece of equipment which malfunctioned. Perhaps it was a terrorist or anti-Catholic attack (10 churches in Paris have been damaged seriously in the last few weeks); perhaps it was even a drone attack? But to have had so much saved, and no life lost, implies that God’s Hand was in what happened, at least permissively. Perhaps it is a warning. Perhaps it is a penance. France has actively embraced abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’ at a minimum, and more. Perhaps there has been some other abuse, not necessarily sexual, but perhaps liturgical or doctrinal. We just don’t know yet, and perhaps we never will. But God permitted the destruction of Solomon’s Temple as a warning to the Israelites. There is no reason to think He wouldn’t allow destruction of such a magnificent edifice if even one soul could be led back and saved. Yes, even if it were a Cathedral named for Our Blessed Virgin Mary. For the sake of a single soul, might not our Holy Mother ┬áraze the roof?


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  1. raymondfrice says:

    God may allow strange things to happen to get people’s attention. Already people in France are talking about a renaissance of the faith since the fire seems to have opened their hearts,.

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