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Text of Cardinal Mueller’s Manifesto

February 12th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Believing that Cardinal Mueller has written in order that his Manifesto be disseminated to the faithful, Cleansing Fire herewith publishes all four pages, and notes the relevance of this work also to the unanswered dubia. See also:








One Response to “Text of Cardinal Mueller’s Manifesto”

  1. avatar Eliza10 says:

    I appreciated having this and made a copy and read it slowly. It is a good explanation of our faith, and yes, I believe all of these things. I thought, “Yes, it is a good to have a faithful bishop teaching the truth of the faith.”

    But then this week my husband and I watched a TnT (Taylor Marshall and Tyler Gordan) video discussion of this work by Cardinal Muller, and in it they discuss the FULL REASON why Cardinal Muller wrote this, and it is REALLY interesting. They discuss this work in the video and also the work of Bishop Schneider which came out in the same week, which were both in response to the pope saying that God’s divine will wills us to have a variety of religions, which was sure confusing to hear. Yes, the pope clearly said God’s divine will, not his permissive one, as TnT explain. It’s why these brave cardinals immediately responded to these words of the pope, to correct them, in this one by Muller, and the other one by Schneider. I recommend it!

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