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Ticker Posts — January, 2019

January 3rd, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

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PF Letter — Top of Head Reaction

I read the whole letter from the Pope to the US Bishops and I think a few things seem almost obvious: 

  1. There seems to be an inherent dislike, a tension, and a lack of trust by Pope Francis toward the US bishops. That’s a tough basis from which to start. And a fragmented, divided basis as well.
  2. Pope Francis indirectly used the opportunity of what seems to be an overly long letter to defend his refusal to allow the US bishops to vote in Baltimore, without ever saying so. Direct message is that they’ve made a mess of what they were responsible to do previously; indirect message is the bishops will just keep doing the same “management” stuff, so Pope Francis is pulling control back, even understandably, as part of their discipline. Go to the woodshed and pray!
  3. “Couldn’t get away from Rome to join them” — as he seems to have promised, seems to relate to #1 and #2 above. Didn’t want to is perhaps better wording.
  4. I did not find any of the fear laden expectations of new dogma, oaths or anything else of the kind.
  5. The Gospel exhortations are not unreasonable; the rub is that Pope Francis doesn’t acknowledge that call pertains to himself as well.

And your thoughts?

Update Notes: since writing the above, the Catholic World Report has published a different opinion, found here:  It is worth considering, at least in part.

The strategy here seems to try to slam shut the door Pope Francis opened that could lead to RICO charges (story is still on the Ticker, as it is so key.) I think the prayer exhortation and bible quotes in the present letter are at least partly intended to make the stop on voting in Baltimore a ‘spiritual guidance’ rather than managing the process. Even the words against management seem to try to distance Pope Francis from the risk of being seen as ‘managing’ the bishops’ response. Good luck making that stick. (Diane Harris)

See also in LifeSite News a Mother’s Critique of Pope Francis’ Letter.


Additional Commentary on Reactions to PF’s letter:

There is an underlying controversy brewing (let us NOT be divided!) about what is so obviously missing from Pope Francis’ letter to the bishops; i.e. any semblance of heartfelt sympathy for the victims. The abuse, the cover-up and the obvious tone-deafness of the hierarchy solidify the point that the victim is an afterthought. Yet a genuine call to prayer is righteous, and does not supplant the need for concern for victims; rather, it should enable a greater realization of the sin, which necessarily precedes repentance at all levels. Rather than be repetitive, I simply point back to my post of last August:  and that we remember David’s words to God in Psalm 51:6a:  “Against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned, and done what is evil in Thy sight.” The victim, however egregious the crime, including abortive infanticide, does not have a higher call on repentance and atonement than does God Himself. First, and always first, it is about God’s highest priority — saving souls.

(Diane Harris)


4 Responses to “Ticker Posts — January, 2019”

  1. Mary-Kathleen says:

    from Maike Hickson: Catholic mom lays out what’s wrong with Pope’s letter to US bishops on abuse crisis

    more on topic from The Catholic World Report:

  2. raymondfrice says:

    I am not sure how the responses to the banner headings are supposed to go so I will take a chance and put it in here.
    Last Fall I attended a lecture at St Benedict’s parish on what is being done in the diocese of Rochester to eliminate the rotten plague ( leprosy?) of sexual abuse in the priesthood as a whole. A representative of the diocese gave the talk and talked about the screening process for ordination psychological testing, interviews, faculty recommendations. She said that all of this was being implemented by Bishop Matano.
    Lo and behold, a few days later the diocese reported that a recently ordained priest (by Bishop Matano) was being investigated for a truly disgusting situation that had been occurring during the tenure of the priest’s training in seminary and was finally coming to a head three years after his ordination.
    Since the young priest’s suspension, I have heard nothing . Where is this diocese going?????????

  3. raymondfrice says:

    I was thinking that once you get beyond the gobble de gook of who the victims are of clergy abuse and how old they and how old you have to be to be a victim,.I am of the opinion that anyone of any age is a victim if they are threatened by a clergyman of any level.

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