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Why I Love the Latin Mass

December 10th, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris

No, this isn’t the post I promised. Just a title. The rest is still a work in progress.

However, while spending time in my Inner Scriptorium, a review of “Tradition and Sanity” by Peter A. Kwasniewski showed up in LifeSite News under Dorothy Cummings McLean’s byline. It is surely worth considering his frank thesis that 63 years of doctrinal and liturgical tinkering have been disastrous for the Church. More here.

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2 Responses to “Why I Love the Latin Mass”

  1. avatar Diane Harris says:

    Some of you have been looking for this post for the sake of sharing your own ideas as well. Right now, I expect to post it on Christmas Eve. I’m always wondering what to give Jesus for His Birthday. This may be what He would like this year … at least I’m trying to wrap it properly for Him. Advent Peace!

  2. avatar Diane Harris says:

    “Why I love the Latin Mass” is now posted under a new title here:

    Joys and Blessings of Christmastime to everyone!

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