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Ticker Posts — November, 2018

November 4th, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris

If your pastor hasn’t even acknowledged the crisis in the Church, if he isn’t staunchly proclaiming ALL the teaching of the Church, and if he isn’t valuing your soul more than your feelings or his collections, isn’t it time to move on? Those are some strong warning signs.

Posted on the ticker for a few more days is a rousing sermon by Father Robert Altier, and a laity-to-laity exhortation by Michael Matt (Remnant). And here is also a chance to comment on any of the Ticker subjects.

With all that is going on with homosexual abuse of children, adolescents and even seminarians, many bishops have completely failed to teach or govern, let alone sanctify the Church. And some of their greatest fears seem to be that the laity is fed up (true!) and isn’t going to be financially supporting appeals as in the past. And that is very understandable. Although all the sinfulness has not yet been revealed, one thing is easy to research and act on! ¬†Any diocese which contributes to CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) or to CRS (Catholic Relief Services) must know full well how each organization has supported programs absolutely opposed by the Catholic Church, especially in third-world countries. Laity who refuse to contribute to dioceses which support purveyors (directly or indirectly) in opposition to Church Teaching, should reasonably expect that the laity of such diocese has better places to contribute their donations.

Don’t believe in the abuses by CCHD or CRS? Just insert either one into the search bar on our home page.


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