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The Best of the Best (coverage of the Abp. Vigano story)

October 13th, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Looking back at what has transpired since Abp. Vigano’s letter of August 22 gives perspective to which commentary has been meaningful and which hasn’t.  There is, of course, no substitute for reading Vigano’s original 11 page letter, and its four page sequel about a month later.

By far, I would nominate the most meaningful recommendations as the eight coming from Bishop Athanasius Schneider, just 5 days after release of Vigano’s original letter. He shows a clear, uncluttered understanding of what has happened and what must be done, forsaking both muddy apologies and any refusal to name the sin.

Second on my list for valuable input is the excellent analysis in Tom Peters’ article, setting forth his rationale, logic and obligation in seven points, concluding that Abp. Vigano is credible.

Much cyberspace may have been gobbled up by what has been called ‘the 9-11 of the Church’, but it appears that the articles cited above will endure beyond the sound bites.




One Response to “The Best of the Best (coverage of the Abp. Vigano story)”

  1. Ginger says: Archbishop Vigano speaks again. He is consistent and timely. Praying for his safety.
    Largely, the hierarchy remains silent. Hopefully, some favorable actions will eventually speak louder than words.
    The best possible action would be exodus of all those who were complacent and complicit with sex abuse and cover-up.

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