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Who is Cardinal Dolan kidding?

September 24th, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris


“Cardinal Dolan appoints pro-gay judge as investigator into homosexual misconduct.”

That is the headline on the story by David Nussman of Church Militant. Cardinal Dolan!

The prelate who applauded enthusiastically when the LGBT contingent entered the notoriously pro-gay St. Francis Xavier Church in NYC?

The Cardinal who went along with LGBT contingents in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, destroying for all time the traditional Catholic element in order to accommodate news outlets?  See also:

The same Cardinal Dolan who openly gave a high-five to an individual choosing a same-sex-stuff lifestyle?

This choice is a disordered choice. If a pro-gay ex-judge (regardless of gender; no points for that here!) exonerates or minimizes the horror of the gay activity among priests, including abusers, then there can be no trust in any finding… it will just be a political rush, without real resolution. If, however, the ex-judge strongly repudiates the homosexual element’s activity in the Archdiocese of New York, she will be a target for the activists and endure a life-long infamy, because we know how such can expect to be treated.

It is a very poor choice on Cardinal Dolan’s part, a lose-lose especially for the victims and yet-to-be victims, and also for those who still hope for the truth to be vindicated, so that they can again trust in their parish priests and churches.


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  1. avatar Ginger says:

    Also, Washington DC city council unanimously passed a bill allow residents to obtain driver’s license or ID card with a non binary marker for gender. and NYC approved a bill adding a third gender (non binary) to birth certificates. more blockbusters for the month of September

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