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Open for Discussion: Episcopalis Communio

September 19th, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris
Episcopalis Communio, promulgated by the Pope on Sept. 15 [Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows], establishes that the final document of a synod assembly, drafted and approved by a special commission, can to be considered part of the ordinary magisterium.”
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  1. SamanthaGillenson says:

    Translation: Whatever the Pope approves of goes, even if it goes against 2000+ years of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. Oh, and good luck to the few orthodox prelates who still remain, because this will effectively shut down their voices on the matter.

    God help and preserve us.

  2. Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    Promulgated on September 15!?!

    Well, my only comment is a personal one: That’s quite a disagreeable birthday gift……

  3. Mary-Kathleen says:

    Is Pope Francis the Anti-Christ?

  4. Ginger says:

    Mary-Kathleen, recall 1 John 4
    I hope this helps.

    Our Lady of Fatima and Akita warn of a great chastisement on humanity “if men do not repent and better themselves”. Our Blessed Mother asks us to pray the rosary often.

    We may remain instruments of the Cleansing Fire to the end but certainly the necessity to focus on increased prayer becomes more urgent with each passing day.

  5. Ginger says:

    A full apostasy was recognized by some in 2014.

    I wasn’t aware of the events as described in the youtube link until a recent article by Dan Hichens prompted me to seek out Cardinal Kung and learn more.

  6. Hopefull says:

    George Weigel calls IL (The Youth Synod’s Instrumentum Laboris 30,000 word working document ‘brick’) “a bloated, tedious door stop full of sociologese but woefully lacking in spiritual or theological insight.”

    Young priests say “it concedes too much to the sexual revolution, which has caused such great harm to young people….” and uses LGBT youth for first time in a Vatican Document.

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