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In one corner is logic & communications, in the other….

September 2nd, 2018, Promulgated by Diane Harris


From transcript of return flight to Rome from Dublin:

Second question asked by Javier Romero:

“… The second, and you also spoke about in this in your address with the Prime Minister, is abortion; we have seen how Ireland has changed greatly in recent years and it seems that the Minister was satisfied with these changes, one of which was abortion. We have seen that in recent months, in recent years, the question of abortion has been raised in many countries, including Argentina, your own country. How do you feel when you see that this is a subject on which you speak out often, and there are many countries where it is allowed…

Pope Francis:

“I see.  I’ll begin with the second, but there are two points – thank you for this – because they are tied to the questions we are discussing. On abortion, you know what the Church thinks. The issue of abortion is not a religious issScreenShot815ue: we are not opposed to abortion for religious reasons. No. It is a human issue and has to be addressed as such. To consider abortion starting from religion is to step over [that realm of] thought.

The abortion question has to be studied from an anthropological standpoint. There is always the anthropological question of how ethical it is to eliminate a living being in order to resolve a problem. This is the real issue. I would only emphasize this:

‘I never allow the issue of abortion to be discussed starting with religion. No. It is an anthropological problem, a human problem. This is my thinking.'”

Thanks to “P” for her tip.


2 Responses to “In one corner is logic & communications, in the other….”

  1. Ginger says:

    The pagan contraceptive mindset is far reaching and fast reaching its goal of world wide funding/availability of contraception to ‘fight poverty’.

    This makes perfect sense from where we stand today.

  2. militia says:

    No, Pope Francis, no. We cannot serve two masters, God and man. “Anthropological” comes from a root word which means man. One cannot reason by what is desired by man, to what is allowed by God. Honestly, I thought you already knew that by now.

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