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Governor Cuomo: Just Say No!

September 16th, 2018, Promulgated by benanderson

Governor Cuomo: Just Say No! By Nelson Acquilano

Why would the government ever legalize another addictive drug? Maybe someone should ask – or rather challenge – this governor on that very issue. After all, it was not in his political platform when he ran for governor. So, why now? More importantly, how can we stop him?


Marijuana has destroyed the dreams and quality of life for countless youth and families. And one of the greatest dangers of marijuana is that it is underestimated as a powerful pharmacologic, psychoactive, mind-altering substance. In this regard marijuana is not fully appreciated for what it really is – a strong drug of addiction that will have devastating effects on families.

Drug use affects everyone: family, friends, neighbors and all of society. It is not a personal, singular event. The use of drugs does not happen in a vacuum. Tens of thousands of individuals and families have been left emotionally bankrupt, even for life.

Marijuana legalization is not simply another public policy issue like taxes. Once enacted, legalization will have far reaching and permanent repercussions for our families – and on our children, forever.


4 Responses to “Governor Cuomo: Just Say No!”

  1. christian says:

    We don’t need an increase of drivers driving under the influence on the road. While drinking Alcohol responsibly does not pose a problem, we know there are those who do not drink responsibly and get behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive. There are also those addicted to Alcohol.

    Effects of Marijuana directly after use, include “distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch), poor coordination and motor skills, anxiety and paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis (in higher doses), increased heart rate, increased appetite, learning, attention, and memory problems, poor judgment, and risky behaviors.” NIH

    If Marijuana is made legal, there is the probability of more people driving with distorted perception, inattention, negative behavioral health effects, increased heart rate, poor judgment and risky behaviors, as well as poor coordination and motor skills.

    I am convinced that there are already those on the road driving under the influence of Marijuana and/or other drugs, when I have seen them taking great risks, at a higher rates of speed, in between cars and other vehicles, even through stop signs and traffic lights, sometimes, even oblivious to those around them on the road, whether on foot, bicycle, or vehicle. One has to practice defensive driving, and walking, as one is able, to avoid being hit by these careless, impaired drivers.

    When addressing Marijuana use, I acknowledge that there are those who take Medical Marijuana under a physician’s care with a legal prescription, for severe, debilitating pain when other alternatives have not been successful. These are not the people I am addressing. I am addressing those who use Marijuana as a recreational drug to get a high.

    The spiritual ramifications of a person taking a mind-altering drug is that it tends to put that person in a me-only state of functioning, where they are NOT thinking, feeling, or caring about ones around them, whether they be known loved ones, or unknown persons they encounter, especially when driving.

    There is much controversy regarding the legalization of Marijuana. Those who advocate for the legalization of Marijuana usually use the excuse of being able to regulate a safer supply of Marijuana for use rather than users receiving tainted Marijuana laced with other drugs which can be hazardous and even lethal.

    But then the bigger question has to be asked -Why are so many people trying to escape reality? Does it have to do with the dissolution of the family unit and/or the family way of life? Does it have to do with increased pressure to do well in school or at a job? Does it have to do with unresolved trauma(s)? Does it have to do with grief and loss encountered in life? Counseling and Support is the most beneficial, realistic method with dealing with life’s overwhelming problems. What people really need to help them heal is the acceptance and support of Christian people at church and in the community, and the saving love and grace of Jesus Christ.

    Marijuana has been known to be a gateway for further drug use and addiction especially among the young whose brains are still developing, as they have to keep “raising the ante” in order to get a high, which may involve going to other drugs.

    The Counterfeit Reward

    Marijuana achieves an instantaneous, reward induced reaction in the brain. Those who are introduced to Marijuana when young, have a greater risk of having their brain being oriented (wired) to an instantaneous, reward induced reaction, short-lived and artificial in nature, in contrast to a reward-induced reaction that takes longer to achieve, involving discipline and hard-work, which is real and more permanent in nature. Marijuana, as well as other drugs, has the potential to inhibit life-long goals and progress, destroy a person’s dignity and self-worth, destroy relationships with family and friends, and wreak havoc on society.

    Governor Cuomo has been advocate for both Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage, which are both in conflict with Catholic Church Teaching. Now he is advocating for the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use, which I don’t believe is in agreement with Catholic Church Teaching.

  2. raymondfrice says:

    The root of all evil is the love of money. Who loves it more than our political people in control. They will tax “weed” to get more money to support their decadent programs and lifestyles!!

  3. Diane Harris says:

    Ray, what you say is so true. And it is also a caution for the folks in the pew. There is much touting right now by brokers to ‘make a fortune’ by investing in the marijuana production and marketing infrastructure. We too need to be reminded that making money off someone else’s weakness or sin is also a no-no!

  4. Ginger says:

    A few weeks ago I was at my local park for my daily walk and noticed a clean, healthy, young couple sharing from a small pipe. Even though I have never partake in illicit drugs or been with company that did or would, I knew what I was seeing and reported it to the park keeper who happened to be nearby. Deep within me I felt a sick feeling of despair knowing it is just a matter of time and people like that couple are free. The couple that day disappeared with out further incident.
    Sadly this is the reality we live with today.

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